Posted by: lepages | September 29, 2009

Daily diary

Interesting day!

Having seen numbers drop off at Teas & Tots – our parent and toddler group – during the last term its been a delight to welcome new faces this term! Great to see our ethnic mix continuing. Great for me to have another bloke with us too (albeit just whilst up visiting family for a few days)

Good to share time chatting with several folk – Lord, bless and guide those who need it at the moment especially.

Home and afternoon spent sorting some emails and other admin – also preparing for our 6 monthly review meeting. In many ways don’t really like them – but in other ways really value them. It was good to take time to look back over the last few months and reflect on what I’ve been doing and to look forward and say ‘Lord, what lies ahead?’

Had an email from The Times people – they’ve offered me a good deal on subscribing to the Times and Sunday Times for 12 weeks – so thought I’d take them up on it over the period of my sabbatical – must try and make the time to read!

Well, that’s about my day so far – thought I’d post this before I eat (looking forward to that – lamb stir fry on the way!!) go off on a visit about leadership matters, and then return for our review meeting.



  1. good stuff so far my man, be honoured to pray you thru the sabbatical at least

  2. Hope you have a good day tomorrow Steve and then a nice lie-in on Thursday before the hard work begins …

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