Posted by: lepages | October 1, 2009

Day 1

Thanks for the comment about the sleep in today on an earlier post….. nice idea! Woke before 5am, couldn’t get back to sleep, so got up at 5.30 – still, gave plenty of time to spend with the Lord. See my next post ‘Keeping fit!’

Having to battle with the desire to get on and get things done – temptation to rush at everything is strong – think it will take me a little while to unwind a bit.

Anyway, gave the aviaries a good clean out this morning – had the joy of one of the young kakarikis following me around and sitting on my shoe as I saw to their water supply. Photo below isn’t him, but looks very similar – a brother from last year!

Young kakariki

Once I was done with the birds it was tidy up some plant pots and plant out some pansies, which have nearly died in the wait – hopefully they’ll pick up!

Time for lunch – time, so, sausage, bacon, egg, mushrooms and tomato – lovely! Enjoyed eating whilst watching Cycling World Championships on BBC iPlayer – great stuff.

Then it was off for a run and collect a car – thanks to Brian & Jean for the loan during my sabbatical – could make life easier at times when I’m away visiting other churches or on courses/conferences.

Had a great run – beautiful scenery by old quarries – now lakes – through rough paths around fields – lots of wildlife to see on route on a beautiful sunny afternoon. Want to see where I went? You can have a look at the following link.

It was a good trail run, with only a couple of hundred yards on main roads, but it was hard going with very rough surfaces at times – sadly twisted my knee at one point and its giving me pain now – hope it recovers alright – only 10 days to my first half marathon…..

Think once I’m done on here it’ll be legs up, watch TV and early to bed.

One other thing… picked up during the day that the church’s new website is now on line – have a visit and see what you think. I think its great – congratulations to Simon and Ally for all their hard work


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