Posted by: lepages | October 1, 2009

Last day!

Well , that was it! The last day of my normal life for a while…. if normal is ever a word to use. After waking up late – didn’t get up till 7am!!! – though had had a somewhat restless night – had a good time chatting with the Lord and reading his word – see my next entry ‘The Future??’ for more on that. Quick rush around getting ready for the day, seeing to the birds and out for leader’s prayer time at Woodside – great to see God’s grace being extended – to see Richard looking so well and testifying to God’s grace on his life – great to hear too of Alpha’s kicking off with good numbers and of past courses seeing many come to faith in Jesus and being baptised. Good time of prayer. Home and continue admin tasks, sorting speakers for Jan-March – almost done – just a few loose ends to tie up! Then it was down to preparing for rest of day after knocking up some lunch. Community activity was order of day. Station Quarter meeting at 3pm. Delivering Crimestopper leaflets with MARA folk and others at 5pm, then setting up for Drugs Awareness Question Time with Addaction at 7.30pm. Not great attendance – not surprised – but useful in terms of networking and linking people and flagging up issues if nothing else. Home, food and bed.


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