Posted by: lepages | October 2, 2009

Day 2

Well, slept better last night – in fact asleep before 10pm and didn’t wake till almost 6am, so that’s pretty good in my reckoning!

Really good time of prayer and reading this morning. Spent around 3 hours talking with the Lord, reflecting, meditating, worshipping, reading.

Thanks Ruth for the great book by David Adam – The Road of Life. Only read the introduction so far, but that gave me plenty stuff to reflect on!

After seeing to the birds, had an early lunch then up to Kempston pool for a swim/gym session. Usual front crawl training, then timed 400m – 8:37 – pretty good, given PB at Easter was 10:15. Looking forward to getting to some of the Traktors sessions on a Tuesday night soon to get a bit more coaching. Into the gym, easy 7k run, but making sure did second half faster than first. Knee seems okish – not painful now, but aware its not quite right. On to weights and core strength stuff. Used lighter weights on leg machines just to play safe. Could tell I hadn’t done much on the weights for a few weeks when it came to upper body stuff…. ouch!!

Whilst out getting greenfood for the birds I observed some nice juicy blackberries, so thought after gym I’d go blackberrying – think the ones I’d seen were a freak of nature – about half hour yielded around 20 blackberries! Still, home peel and core some apples and make some blackberry and apple – yum!

Whilst preparing apples the good people from Virgin Media rang up – apparently my mobile contract runs out in 2 months time – would I like to renew or take up a new one – how about reducing my monthly fee by £1.20, sending me a new phone, and giving me extra 100 minutes to other Virgin phones – thanks very much – better wait in for the phone in the morning!!

Tea time next – home made garlic bread, salad with olive oil/balsamic vinegar dressing and pizza for tea. Nice!



  1. You sound so busy! It must be lovely to have such a long time with the Lord – I am sure your Sabbatical will be great! I love the recipes – thanks – it will give me some good ideas for what to have each day! Hope the knee recovers soon
    Much love

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