Posted by: lepages | October 4, 2009

Triathlon ish Day Mk2

Well here we are after a busy morning – up at 5am to get to Robinson pool for registration at 5.45am All seemed to go well and run efficiently. Was then out marshalling the bike mount point – interesting the variety of approach at this point – from the walk over gently, stop and carefully and ever so slowly get on your bike and wander off to pushing bike along as fast as possible, leaping on as soon as given permission and attempting to pedal off without hesitation – with occasional success! Lots of problems getting feet into shoes, several shoes coming off pedals, lots of problems getting shoes into cleats – oh what fun! Couple of folk with more problematical mechanical issues – glad you got it sorted Ruth!

Pretty cool start to the day, but great conditions overall – by mid morning sun out and lovely and warm if you were in the sun – would love to have been competing, but great watching and encouraging others along too. Once last biker out it was move over to marshall folk collecting their bikes from transition after completing the event. Amazed at the broad range of bikes, riders, and responses to checking numbers to make sure people collecting bikes arrived with them – interestingly, don’t think there was any complaints from those with the really expensive bikes. Lots of thanks from folk for a great event in all sorts of ways as people left.

Helped pack down after. Arms stronger than yesterday! Great to see folk I know getting winners awards at all sorts of levels. Home around 1.15pm.

A long morning, really good time, looking forward to our reward of meal out at Santaniello’s tonight. But have to say, really missed gathering with God’s people to worship this morning. Have had some great times with the Lord on my own this week, but there is a real blessing in gathering together to worship as a body of his people. Sad in a sense that my half marathon is next Sunday morning (though looking forward to it!) but perhaps we’ll get out to worship at a church in London Sunday night, or back in Bedford if we return before… not sure whether it’d be kind to others to go if I don’t get home for a shower first!!


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