Posted by: lepages | October 7, 2009


Well, here I sit at Centerparcs Longleat – very pleasant – as long as you’re inside – very wet outside!

We left Bedford at 20 past 6 and arrived here about 3 1/2 hours later – not bad journey, though trip to MK pretty tough as dark, wet and windscreen kept fogging up – didn’t enjoy that when I’m sleepy!! Shoulders and neck pretty tensed up by time got here, but very pleasant morning – into Aqua Sana – relaxing time in steam rooms, sauna and heated outdoor pool – lovely! I was brave, they had a consumer test/sales thing trying skin product stuff out – I gave it a go – think my responses amused – stuff on legs – try on one leg and compare difference – I complained – I’ve lost some of my tan!! Face stuff – doesn’t that make your skin feel good – no it feels all greasy and yuk!! Well, if that wasn’t enough in the afternoon we had a facial (can’t believe I’m putting this on here ;o)!!) followed by a back, shoulder massage. Have to say, loved the facial – can’t believe I’m writing this!! It was sooooo….. relaxing….. can definitely recommend it if you want to relax and unwind….. didn’t like what it did to my skin though – once we were out it was into the shower again and eliminate any of the nasty stuff from the skin!! The massage was good too but digging into the knotted up shoulders and neck wasn’t always the most comfortable experience!! Still a bit tensed up to be honest. Dinner at Cafe Rouge once we’d got our stuff into our apartment – lovely bathroom – shame don’t really feel need to use it having been thoroughly cleansed through the day!

Well, that’s today. We’ll have to see what the weather holds tomorrow as to whether we go the Safari Park or not – if its wet like today can’t think we’ll see much of the animals activity. I’m ready for bed. Will stop here now. Some other bits to post, but think they’ll have to wait for now.


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