Posted by: lepages | October 8, 2009


Whilst down at CWR on Monday I picked up a book by Philip Greenslade, the course tutor ‘Leadership – reflections on Biblical leadership today’.
Some excellent material, but was particularly struck with a section headed ‘Serving instructions’ and have reproduced the headings below, along with a few quotes.

Serving instructions

1. Seek to discover what God desires not just what he requires
‘Our Puritan forefathers, in contrast to ourselves, rarely bothered with the problem of guidance. They merely looked each day for fresh ways of glorifying God.’
2. Be wholly committed to the Lord
3. Pay attention to what the Lord is saying

‘Don’t try to begin as a great prophet; begin as Samuel did by being awake to the smallest whisper.’
4. Be available
‘But thank God you’ve started listening to a new Master, one whose commands set you free to live openly in his freedom!’ Romans 7:17,18 The Message
5. Be confident about your usefulness to the Lord
‘You are needed in his kingdom. You are not redundant.’
6. Do the will of God from the heart
‘If we make love our aim and earnestly desire the spiritual gifts, we will surprise ourselves by what we are able to achieve and be amazed at where we travel to as leaders in God’s church.’


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