Posted by: lepages | October 10, 2009


Life is a bit of a rollercoaster isn’t it? Full of ups and downs. That’s been the last few days. We were up early in the morning on Wednesday to head down to Centerparcs Longleat as a birthday gift for Julie. It rained all day – but as we were inside in the wet it didn’t matter that much – other than the walks from our accommodation to park the car, or to go out for dinner – though even that was a rollercoaster with the steepness of the inclines in the area – bit dodgy going down some of the steep bits in the wet! Thursday was completely different! It was bright sunshine, clear blue skies from daybreak – but cold – only 3 degrees when we first went out…. brrrrr….. So once we’d had a large breakfast it was up and down the roads to Longleat Safari Park – spectacular scenery which my photos don’t do justice to – and then the huge variety of animal and bird life in the safari park….. majestic….causes your heart to lift with praise to God for the wonder of his creativity…. you can see some pics below.

We headed for home in the early afternoon. I was starting to feel like I had a bit of a funny stomach. By the evening I had a bit of a thick throat and chest – by the next morning my throat was so sore… and this on a day that was the exact opposite of the previous one on the rollercoaster of life…. as we came together to remember the life of Maurice, Julie’s brother-in-law, as we said goodbye to him and mourned his loss after a battle with cancer.

What a contrast……

Life’s like that…. its a rollercoaster that takes you soaring to the heights at times with spectacular views and experiences that take your breath away ….. and then you tumble down in to the pit of the dark times in life. Some times rollercoaster rides can make you sick – maybe that’s why I’m ill now… who knows… last night as I coughed and hacked my way through the night I couldn’t help but feel for Kath and Sally and Tina and pray for them and their family. I thought that there wasn’t much hope of climbing the other side of the rollercoaster this weekend and I’d have to cancel my stewarding at the rugby this afternoon…. and cancel my participation in my first half marathon on Sunday…. but this morning I feel a bit better – chest still tight, still coughing well periodically and sinuses a bit sore, but maybe, just maybe, the rollercoaster of life will take me up the otherside, even if I don’t go as well as I might have hoped….


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