Posted by: lepages | October 11, 2009

Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon

Well I did it. Aching all over now. Knee which I jerked 10 days or so ago bothering me now. Cold in full flow now – had very broken sleep last night – blowing endlessly. Anyway, up at 5.30 this morning. Had to drive down to London as train service very intermittent today. On to the tube and soon identifying other competitors by their chips on their shoes – getting out at Hyde Park Corner it was obvious where everyone was going! To join the queues for the loos! They were so long! The wait didn’t really give time for a proper warm up. Brilliantly organised event – apart from the loos (and lack of anywhere selling sandwiches later – I so wanted a cheese sandwich! – had to make do with a ropey burger….) No end of freebies – drinks, food, newspapers and so on.

Anyway, to the race. Went off comfortably enough, trying to take it easy – at first mile surprised to find I’d done 8 minutes dead. Next 4 without pushing I was doing circa 7:30 – was thinking, hey, I’m going to do way better than I imagined – and then about 6 I started to tire – speed dropped well back – thought if I can just keep within the total mutiplications of 8 minute miles I’ll be happy – by 9 miles I had dropped outside of that range and I was desperate for the loo! Battled past one set of loos, but next set just had to stop…. difficult getting going again. Around 11 miles think the energy from the Lucozade Sport must have kicked in – dropped to under 8  minutes again – if I can just keep the pace going I could get back close to my target of 1:45, but in the last  mile I just blew – it was all I could do to finish – one of the marshalls cheered us on saying only 300m to go to finish line – that 300m seemed to go on forever – even thinking I’d heard Julie’s voice (it was her!) encouraging me along I couldn’t find anything else (should really have taken that second bottle of Lucozade Sport I think….) but crossed the line in a time of 1:48:57. Pleased with that given the circumstances.

It was all I could do to get through the funnel – had to get someone to take my timing chip off – got some water, another bottle of  Lucozade Sport, my medal and a banana – and once met by Julie, collapsed on the floor. Don’t think I’ve ever been as shattered after an event as I was today – every part of me ached. Felt too ill to eat very much – found a spot to collapse against a railing for a while. (Amazed whilst sitting there to get a text with my official chip time – that’s efficient!!)

In the end said to Julie, don’t think the plans for getting a shower and visiting Hillsongs Church were going to be an option – I just wanted to go home and collapse. Changed into fresh clothes in the loos and watched some army fitness stuff – feeling sick again and feeling like eating now (cheese sandwich please…..) I laid myself out in the sun, sheltered from the wind whilst Julie went and souced some food.. returning with the aforementioned burger. The rest did me good – think I snoozed for a while and then with renewed energy we made the slow walk back to the tube and then home.

A good day – absolutely shattered – strangely my sinuses stayed clear through the run, but afterwards, as I am still now, started blowing again big time, with sinuses blocked and sore. No idea why that’s the case.

A few pics from Julie below to give a flavour of the race and one of the exhausted Steve consuming a banana post race. Must get to bed early as need to leave here by 6.30 in the morning to get to the second session of ‘Genesis to Revelation – God’s Redemptive Story.’




  1. Hey – brilliant effort, Steve. Know the feeling well! It’s funny, isn’t it, how the Half takes it out of you – the Tri Sprint feels like a walk in the park in comparison!
    A rather girly event T-shirt, it must be said.
    Are you going to enter the Bedford Half? I think I’ve seen entry forms at the athletics stadium so will pick one up for you.
    Can you walk today?

  2. Just wondering whether doing the longer distances will improve my speed over the shorter ones??!! T-shirts are definitely girly t-shirts – superb wicking shirts though – have donated mine to Julie now as she likes them! Contemplating Bedford half. I can get from A to B today (albeit in a bit of a staggered way)- does that count as walking? My quads are painful when I ‘walk’ and some discomfort from my dodgy hip too…. contemplating what I do to get it all freed up again tomorrow….

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