Posted by: lepages | October 16, 2009

Training diary

Sunday 11th October 09
Royal Parks Half Marathon 1:48:53

Monday 12th October 09
Hobble!!! No exercise beyond what is necessary to get from AtoB!

Tuesday 13th October 09
Gym loosen up session
30mins bike
15mins crosstrainer
30mins core strength work/weights etc
Evening – 1st Traktors swim session – definitely most at home in the slow lane!!
400m warm up
5x100m easy 5sec rest
4x100m @2:20 15sec rest
4x100m @2:25 10sec rest
1x200m @4:20

Wednesday 14th October
Easy Bike
Break to clean windows, drink coffee, eat chocolate, chat with in-laws
Odell-Sharnbrook-Knotting-Melchbourne-Riseley-Thurleigh-Graves Lane-Kimbolton Road-Home
2hours 5mins – 56.3k – 27kph

Thursday 15th October
35min front crawl training
2k slow run on track machine 10kph – 12mins
Core strength workout – leg extensions – legs still hurt – even with reduced weights!!
10mins bike to conclude

Friday 16th October
Gym – review of workouts – edge levels slightly on bikes for warm up – challenging runs on track machines to work on speed and endurance – increase repeats on core and weights.
1st new workout
10mins bike – level 9 – variable speed 90-110 – wattage output 190-240
Track run – challenging! Couldn’t complete – but something to work to.
1.5 incline – start 11.5kph, increasing in 2.5min slots by 0.5kph to 14kph then back down to 11.5kph.
Got to 13.5 and thereafter couldn’t complete 2.5mins and dropped back to 10k for a breather between steps. Ran last 5mins at 12-13kph to complete 6k in 30mins.
Core strength workout/weights – 15 repeats – amazing how much harder it becomes just increasing by 3 repetitions! As for increasing abdominal crunches on swiss ball from 12 sets to 20……. managed 15 on first set, and only 10 on second – something to work on!!



  1. Ah – a totally committed professional TA.
    I only managed 4 hours each day in the gym whilst I was away – so much easier when you don’t have work getting in the way eh!

  2. Sounds like you’ve been putting in far more hours than me Andy! Actually, in some ways its harder, because I have to think about what I do when, rather than figuring out when I can squeeze things in – I am having to resist the temptation to rush at all I want to do (around the house, in study) so that I don’t end up shattered and not have a break from the normal pattern of things.

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