Posted by: lepages | October 25, 2009

A new day!

What a glorious new day! Managed to stay in bed till 5.50am new time. Sorted lunch. Washed up last night’s dishes. Saw to birds – lots of fresh green chickweed – much appreciated! Collected paper and got thank you cards in the post. Read Bedfordshire on Sunday. Great pic of Jenni (fellow Traktor) in article about Plan B. Sad to read of political infighting continuing amongst Conservatives and of their refusal to work in our local mayoral cabinet – why are people more concerned about political point scoring than they are about working for the good of our community?! Ho hum! The old problem of our self centred natures I guess….

Off to St. Leonards Church shortly. Sorry not to be at Rutland Road today with visit of Laurence Singlehurst from CellUK, but hopefully someone will take over from Andy’s stirling work over the years and get the preach online at the church website.


  1. Hi Steve

    Really enjoy the blog and keeping up to date!

    Formyour info… sermons are currently not been recorded. Problem with machine since 18/10. Will keep you posted.

    Once sorted then there should be no problems affecting uploads.

    God bless


  2. Sadly the lack of sermon is due to a faulty CD recorder, not lack of personnel to upload which Simon has been doing.

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