Posted by: lepages | October 25, 2009


As I walked over the river to church this morning I was moved by the numbers of birds I saw and couldn’t help but feel that in the imagery I saw there was some sort of reflection of the mix of people in churches across our town.

Sheltering from the wind by the bridge over the river was a large flock of pigeons – must have been over a hundred – all pretty much seated facing the same way (how much is that like church??!!) – mostly all similar coloured, but with a few once of different colouration scattered here and there. On the bridge I was able to look down at the river – several smaller groups of the same sort of birds were gathered in separate groups near the edges – a group of Mallards, a group of geese and a couple of swans. How we do that as human beings – separate into our own groups! But, actually in the middle of the river there was a good mixture of geese and several types of duck all sitting, paddling around together. That was nice to see.

On to St Leonards. A mixed congregation – majority white seniors, with a good bunch of Asians and a few Afro Caribbean thrown in. A real community feel to the church – people looking out for one another. One, I assume new, lady having a better chair brought for her and someone else pointing her around the service/song book. Big surprise was to arrive and be greeted by a former member of our church who has now settled at St. Leonards and was preaching this morning – lots of humorous illustrations to support a talk on Matthew 7:1-6 with a particular focus on not judging others. Rupert Hankey in chairing the service had a surprise at the end when the young people and their leader came back in unannounced to share what they’d been doing, with their leader dressed in freshly made ‘armour of God’ (Ephesians 6)

It was good after the service to complete some non-Sabbatical matters which needed a couple of i’s dotting and t’s crossing!


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