Posted by: lepages | October 27, 2009

Role reversal

Well, that was my experience with the traffic yesterday! Journey down to Waverley Abbey in the morning was wonderful – bright, warm, sunny morning – traffic flowing relatively freely. Left at 6.25am to go and fill up with petrol at Tescos – gone from there just before 6.40am and chatting with Julie on the phone, having a wander over by the river before 8.45am. Really refreshing to have some time to sit and read and pray for a few minutes, before going and having a coffee before the first session. Perhaps I should get up earlier and leave earlier to allow recovery time before first session, rather than feeling in a rush as I usually do…

Conversations talked about how much easier traffic is with children off school. Sadly, it seems to be worse for return journeys in the evenings. Was on the road by 3.45pm after an excellent day…. only to spend forever on the M25….. think largely down to people’s stupidity in driving too close to one another…. why do some people insist on driving so close to those in front that they have to keep touching their brakes???!!! Result is that those behind do so and as it happens progressively the traffic slows and ultimately comes to a halt…. for no reason other than people’s stupidity. Back and leg kicked in after a bit. Was desperate to get home and stretch out – spent most of evening sitting on floor reading the paper. Back still bothering me today. Arrived home just after 6.30pm – longest travel time yet. Grump over!!


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