Posted by: lepages | October 29, 2009


Jeff Lucas, from ‘Lucas on Life’ 11/09/09
“It’s a challenge I face every day in my busy life; what really matters? What should my priorities be today? ‘First things first’, so the saying goes. But often I find myself in chaos because I tend to put second things first. As I sit here at my desk this morning, with a lengthening list of things to do, I’m trying to figure out what to tackle first. I’m sad to admit that sometimes I prioritise what I enjoy the most – which might meant hat important tasks are left undone. My computer tries to help me, insisting that I highlight the vital tasks in red. Sadly, that tends to mean only that my task list is colourful.”

How much I identify with Jeff Lucas! How much of what he says mirrors my own life! Never got into pc task management though – but played with similar on my pda – result, I’d spend a lot of time putting things in, they’d turn up on the list… and they’d have the date changed… because, really…. I need to get on with….. this… whatever this may be!!

Well, yesterday’s priority was clear – to enjoy a good day out with Julie, visiting our good friend Heather, in Chelmsford. We left Bedford in beautiful warm sunshine, an unbelievable 17-18 degrees in late October. As we travelled to Chelmsford, the skies darkened, the temperature dropped – and in the distance you could see those horrible funnels of rain you sometimes see from a distance! Fortunately the funnels of rain were not in Chelmsford. It was great to catch up and in the afternoon we went out to play ‘pitch and put’. It was such a joy to play with other professionals on the same level as myself. It brought joy to my heart and laughter to my soul!! You can see some of the talent being displayed in the pics and video clips below – apologies for the one that needs turning through 90 degrees (sorry, don’t know how to do that) and sorry that I don’t feature – apart from in audible laughter!! Enjoy!


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