Posted by: lepages | October 30, 2009

Our birds!

Keeping birds is a joy and a heartache! Thought I’d share some pics from our birds and our aviary. Over the last week we’ve lost one canary in good health, and we’ve got another one that’s looking some what under the weather. At the same time though, remarkably for late October we have a baby kakariki in the nest, looking fit and healthy, and growing nicely. Also had to do some repairs to the aviary this week. A few months ago someone tried to break into our aviary and we lost a cockatiel through the damaged wire. Had to put a second layer of wire on inside of flight. This week, it looks like someone tried to climb on top of the aviary, and when they stepped on the wire it ripped the roof down in one corner – fortunately none of the birds had escaped, so it was quick climb up on top, re-stretch and staple down again. Enjoy a selection of our aviary birds.



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