Posted by: lepages | November 1, 2009

Diary update

An interesting week! Training has been somewhat intermittent. Tuesday I went swimming at Robinson pool, not serious training, but good splash around and chat with some friends along the way. Did a timed 400m to finish….. slowest in ages….. about a minute down on usual time – because I’m tired…. because of fewer push off turns… because 16 lengths of Kempston isn’t actually quite 400m…??? Oh well.

Exercise on Wednesday amounted to the wander around playing pitch and put.

Thursday & Friday it was up to the gym and try out my new workouts. A couple of challenging cross trainer set ups. Thursday’s bike session was challenging – 10 minutes holding 250 watts – keeping cadence at circa 100 for a ‘comfortable’ ride – drop the cadence and it became a really hard push – but it was sooooo…… harddddddddd….. battling with a heart rate that kept pushing well up into the 170’s…… not good!! The plus side is that when I came to use the bike for a 15 min warm up at level 9 (been 7 in the past) on Friday it seemed reasonably comfortable ride! Which is more than can be said for the running on the track machine!

Thursday was an interval session. 5 minute warm up at 12kph followed by 1 minute intervals of 12 & 14kph. Seemed reasonably comfortable with that. Friday it was back to the gradual build up, drop back session. 5 minutes at 11.5kph, then adding 0.5kph every 2 1/2 minutes up to 14 and then, in theory (!!) dropping back down by the same intervals. Glad to keep the build up to 14 according to the programme, but was then pretty much blown and kept therafter dropping the speed back to just 10.5. Both of these sessions on a 1.5% incline – its amazing how much more challenging that small incline makes things – when it finally for the last 5 minutes dropped back to flat, stregth was renewed and I upped the speed up a bit, just to make sure I clocked 6k in the 30 minutes.

Both sessions had a sereis of core strength, weights included too. 15 repeats twice. The increase of 3 repeats is still killing!!

Saturday, because I needed to be up the rugby club for 12.30pm decided not to go out with Beds Road CC and go for a run instead – first outdoor run since my half marathon – it was a killer!! Slowest time ever for my favourite route along the river and round Priory Country park See my route map here. 1hour 44secs 😦 and my knee started playing up again – got home to find blistered toes again too – can’t help but wonder whether the running shoes I won are all to blame – never had either problem with any of my Asics shoes…. perhaps I’ll have to get some new ones of them – average speed 10.8kph – frustrating having run a half marathon at an average of 11.8 – perhaps it was a side product of the two challenging sessions in the gym.

Aside from training and time spent in reading and prayer, Tuesday also gave opportunity to give the aviaries a good clean out. Friday was clean up the garden day. Managed to tidy everywhere up except the veg patch – maybe this week – weather permitting! Nice to see everything straight. Swept up the yard, side passage and front of the house too – looks so much better

Saturday afternoon was time for Bedford Blues of course!
A great afternoon! A frustrating afternoon! Knew it was going to be a tough match against Exeter – up till then not yet defeated this season.. and sadly now, still not defeated. Exeter were fast and clinical, sharp and powerful running lines. Ex were playing down the slope in the first half and Bedford were under pressure all half – in fact they hardly got out of their own 22 – their only relief seemed to be kicking clear which Ex then collected and ran back in. Bedford’s defence was excellent – to get to 30 minutes without yielding any points was superb. Sadly, a way through was then found and by half time Exeter had driven over two tries. Bedford finally escaped their half and got a penalty to put 3 points on the board before the half time break.

After half time the Blues came back with renewed energy and now it was the Chiefs turn to defend. Another penalty followed and there was some superb swift running rugby, which finally let Ollie Dodge in for his first try of the season – really exciting stuff. The ground was erupting with excitement 11:14, with Bedford on the up, a come back was on the cards. Sadly though 2 penalties given away within kicking range for Ex resulted in a loss of 11:20 and Bedford finishing with no points, but still remaining 4th in the Championship – not that the points actually matter that much until we get to the final 8 later in the season.

An exciting and promising afternoon. Exeter were definitely the best team I’ve seen this season – but with them carrying a large fulltime squad, and Bedford being a largely semi-pro squad, hit with a large number of injuries, we still have a wonderfully promising rest of the season ahead.


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