Posted by: lepages | November 7, 2009

Diary update…

Well, its been a good week (ignoring international rugby scores this afternoon…. 😦 )

Last Sunday I went to Bedford Pentecostal Church again. A friend had called round during the week preceding who had been out on a team to Watoto in Uganda and explained that they were doing a presentation about their visit in the service on Sunday. It was great to share in with African drums and dance, and also hearing of their exploits!! An afternoon watching the track cycling World Cup and a pleasant evening online and reading the paper.

Monday was another day down at Waverley Abbey continuing the study ‘Genesis to Revelation – God’s redemptive story’. This weeks focus wasn’t so much on redemption as such, but focused on God’s covenant with David as his chosen king for his people.

Tuesday was a quiet morning of reading/prayer and preparation for the Prismatic Mission conference in Northampton (see my 24 hours away.. blog for more info!) and then heading off to it and enjoying it until late Wednesday afternoon.

Thursday was catch up time around home, with the Lord, updating the blog, then off to Kempston pool for a swim/gym session. Took decision to take things a bit easier on the training front being only too aware of how exhausting I had found the ride to Northampton and back. Did everything at slightly reduced speed/levels/weights and felt better for it. After 35 minutes in the pool did 5k on the track machine, 1.5% incline, av. speed 11.4kph; 15mins crosstrainer level 11 variable wattage (136-219 reduced from 150-236) followed by various weights/core strength work – focused on back – better for it.

Eve, friends round for a meal; great to catch up.

Friday, extended morning of prayer and reading – some reflections from this week to come in due course. Swim/gym at lunchtime again. Bought some new trunks and goggles – goggles are best I’ve had (and cheapest!!) – no leaks in my 40mins of swimming – wonderful!! Gym, spent some time chatting with Jo and Donna whilst working out – useful relaxing aid. 16mins on track machine doing 1min intervals between 12 & 14kph with 11.5kph warm up/down – av. speed 12.4kph – felt comfortable. 15mins crosstrainer – 5min intervals at levels 10, 12 & 14.
Core strength work and weights at reduced levels where possible. 10mins on bike – supposed to be at constant 250 watts – dropped a level each time heart rate hit the high level – to give average output of 219 overall.

Friday eve. spent stewarding at rugby club fireworks display. All went reasonably well, though still alot of young folk (some underage without a doubt) who had consumed far too much alcohol – plenty of bottles brought into the ground collected/confiscated – one poor lass carted off to hospital. Heavy drizzle at times. Felt pretty wet and/or damp by time I got home. Fireworks didn’t seem to have quite the same big finish that they’ve had in other years.

Today (Saturday) – beautiful day!! Clear blue skies and sunshine – lovely! Great to get out for the training ride with Beds Road CC – big crowd but seemed to work okay by and large. Didn’t have my mate Ange to cycle to Cardington and back with – she went off to Twickenham to watch Australia beat England – was so jealous when I heard where she was going – having seen the highlights tonight, probably glad I wasn’t there!! Loads of cyclists out and about today – saw several other groups of 10/12, others of 3/4 plus a number of others out for training rides on their own.

Once home, had a bath and then went out for lunch with Julie – lovely! After lunch went to Wickes to get some paint and mortar to do a bit of work on back of house next week weather permitting.

If England had won today it would have completed a lovely day…. oh well!!

Off to join my friends at Woodside Church for worship tomorrow.


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