Posted by: lepages | November 10, 2009

Hidden Horrors!!

Don’t move the net curtains – you never know what you might find!


This morning, as I came home after dropping Helen off at work I noticed a lot of condensation on our front windows. Uh-oh, I thought… that time of year again…. heating goes on…. windows not always open when the cooking’s being done…. washing drying inside…. result…. in our house…. condensation on windows….. Ah well, before I do anything else I’ll wipe the windows down. That meant moving the net curtains out of the way…. not a wise thing to do…. never move net curtains…. they’re there for a reason…. to keep things hidden…. moving the net curtains revealed horrible, hidden horrors! How is it possible for so much dirt and grime and mould to hide behind those beautiful white nets?!

One hour later, all internal windows cleaned, everywhere looks brighter and the view through the windows is clearer! Wonderful stuff! But it wouldn’t be unless I’d moved the net curtains which hid the hidden horrors!

As I cleaned I reflected on that. So many of us have hidden horrors in our lives, but we have lovely net curtains which hide them, make our lives outwardly look lovely, when underneath they’re a bit of a mess… Just like our windows are better for having the nets lifted and being cleaned up, so our lives can be better too by lifting the things which cover our hidden horrors, allowing us to address the problems that lie underneath.

James 5:16 (World English Bible) says:-
Confess your offences to one another, and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The insistent prayer of a righteous person is powerfully effective.

This is why I think small group structures (cells) are so valuable – they provide a place for us to lift the net curtains on our lives and so with our friends help and the help of our God see our lives cleaned up and restored.


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