Posted by: lepages | November 13, 2009

Blues……. and training update….


Well, what a weekend of sport it was…. exciting…. in the main…. but enough to give you the blues….. đŸ˜‰ Have to say when I watched the highlights of England : Australia last Saturday I was a bit disappointed – it was strange not seeing a whole match and only selected ‘highlights’, but I wasn’t really excited by the match – there was a phase of play in the first half which was exciting… after that it was a rugby match. I don’t think you have to score loads of tries for an exciting match – Bedford:Bristol at 5:6 a month or so ago was an incredibly exciting match to watch – but I didn’t see that in the England : Australia match…. and the result didn’t help to lift the disappointment!

It wasn’t the same story on Sunday. Watching Bedford against Cornish Pirates online was really exciting stuff – albeit commentary wasn’t the best at times! The cut and thrust from both sides was great stuff – the tension as the score swung one way and then another was brilliant. The result, with Bedford losing by one point…. again…. was galling…. but hey…. with this new Championship structure it doesn’t matter – so long as you’re in the last 8 when the title stage starts to get really competed for! And no worries about that in my reckoning!


Well that was Saturday and Sunday – then came Monday night – an interesting follow on from watching Liverpool against Lyon last Wednesday! Last Wednesday there was a huge great cheer as Liverpool scored to go 1:0 up late in the match (enough of a cheer to freak our poor birds out!! … mental note… consider others when watching sport at home!!) Then total devastation as Lyon equalised at the end of the match. Watching the match against Birmingham on Monday was different. Liverpool played superbly – the speed, the pressure was entertaining stuff (don’t often say that about football!) The goals were exciting, 1 all was okay – plenty time for Liverpool with their possession, skill and speed to get the winning goal – instead it went the other way 1:2 to Birmingham – that’s just not right… and then with all the pressure Ngog (how do you pronounce that surname correctly??!!) goes and fakes a foul in the penalty area – or so it seemed. Have to say, I was hoping Gerrard wouldn’t score on this occasion – Liverpool may have deserved to win the match by their playing skills, but not to draw through underhand behaviour – no doubt though that from where the ref was it would have looked clearly like a penalty call. Still, one might say it balances out the beach ball incident (taking as optimistic perspective as I can!) 2 all – Liverpool may play in red (some of the time!!) but blue was the feeling once again.

Could all these blues be contributing to the downfall in my training condition??!! With the struggle I’d been going through in general fall in condition I took the decision last week to ease back. Think it was wise as am feeling better for it. Bike training with Beds Road went well on Saturday, didn’t push on the sprints to the max, but enjoyed the effort and the slow out of the saddle hurt just as good as ever!! Rest day Sunday. Down to Farnham for my course Monday – by time I got back my back was causing real problems. Decided I’d go to the doctor finally.

Tuesday, went to the gym late pm and good session. Did my step up speed thing over 30 minutes – start 11.5 k and increase by 0.5k every 2mins 30secs to 14k – but this time, every time I reached a kilometre distance or a 2min marker I dropped the speed back by 0.5k. It wasn’t until nearly 20 minutes before I found myself dropping back down to 10.5k for a breather – result, average speed for the 30 minutes of 11.9k – think it was 5.75k run – which is intriguing because its further and faster than when I’ve desperately tried to stay with the set pace until I die – so perhaps I’ll continue with this pattern until I can go the whole way without dying and then begin reducing my speed drop back gradually. We’ll see.

Tuesday night went to the Traktors swimming session – good stuff – a lot of hard work on the kicking front – very few breaks beyond 10secs after 100m throughout the hour – total swim of I think 2000m

Wednesday gym again. Very busy. Difficult to follow my programme. Minimal cardio, but plenty of core strength and weight stuff – used number of machines I haven’t used in months.

Thursday – was hoping to swim before gym but time ran away with me, so just gym – but good session. 5x 12-14k 1 minutes intervals on track machine plus warm up/down time – all went well – could do more – core strength good session – cross trainer – interestingly increased pace as levels increased at 5min intervals 10-12-14.
10mins at 250watts on the bike – kept it going better before heart rate got silly and gradually reduced back to aid recovery.

Off shortly for swim/gym session.
If things have been improving for me, then hopefully they will for Bedford against Moseley tonight (looking forward to that!!) and hopefully for England against Argentina tomorrow!

Re doctor, told him about problem with knee, elbow and main problem with back and referred pain down leg. Checked me out well and didn’t reckon anything more than muscle strain for knee and elbow. Back though referring for physio, and given me some anti-inflammatory tablets to help reduce struggle all around. Might be making a bit of difference – drive on Monday will tell!!



  1. Well, back from my swim/gym – looking forward to the Blues match tonight. Had a good swim and good session in gym – still not pushing anything but feel my strength is gradually coming back! Followed the pattern above on the stepped run on the treadmill – for the first time managed to keep the pattern going right through the 30 minutes – thought at 20 I might die, but somehow came through it (telling myself I only had a couple of minutes and the pressure would start to ease as speed dropped again). Did just over 6k giving an average speed of 12. Now will set myself to only drop by 0.4k and see if I can do that throughout.

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