Posted by: lepages | November 15, 2009

Diary update…

Well, Friday night was off to steward for the rugby – good to see Bedford beating Moseley 23:7, even if it wasn’t a great match! Once again Blues performance seemed to mirror England performance on Saturday. In first half loads of kicking – fine when its effectively, tactically placed, but a lot of the time, sadly, it didn’t seem to be! As with the England match Bedford started to play with more ball in the hand during the second half and the game improved. Thought I’d never say it, but I actually found the Liverpool:Birmingham football match on Monday night more entertaining than the rugby…. how sad is that!….

Well, that was Friday night. Saturday, my usual bike ride wasn’t on the cards as we had a coming together of the Parris clan! First time in ages that we have all got together at Julie’s parents at Harrold. A great day out and as the weather turned out – very high winds and driving rain at times – I was glad to not be out on my bike! We went out for a lovely meal at one of the pubs in Lavendon – thanks Mum & Dad P! (Can’t remember the name, but its the fishy one on the left as you go from Bedford towards Northampton!) I had a paella – lovely!! Several of us had a lemon meringue roulade for afters – sadly it had nuts in it and Helen started to react – but she caught it quick enough and took antihistamine and was recovering okay by later in the day. In the afternoon we went for a walk up the road between the fields. Saw a handsome looking pheasant and kept getting fleeting glimpses of a stunning bullfinch. It was really great to chat with family members whom we really see.

I was still suffering with blocked sinuses from swimming on Friday, so we left around 5pm so I could pop to the pharmacy and get some Sudafed. Fortunately seemed to clear me up so I was able to breathe through my nose last night!! Home, quick bit of cake and out again to go to Duke St Church in Northampton. They had a friend of mine from Partnership, Paul Stallard, coming to speak for the weekend. He spoke excellently on growing in intimacy with God, making as a starting point God’s call to Adam in the garden ‘Where are you?’ – because God’s desire is to share personally with his creation. I may share some more about this when I share some reflections from my time with God in the next few days…. I was looking forward to going back for the final session tonight, but sadly didn’t go in the end.

As stewards at the rugby club we now have to work towards having a NVQ Level 2 training qualification in Spectator Safety! We had a training session today and another one next Sunday. I felt brain dead by the time we finished circa 3.30pm – partly induced by the afternoon session on emergency first aid. It was kind of ‘in yer face’ as far as the things that can occur was concerned, but I think it was the shock of talking about head injuries that was the biggest problem. I realised how much of what was being described had applied to me (I know from what Julie described during my recovery) I felt a bit sick at one point and felt like escaping, but managed to stick it out. My brain felt a bit fried after so decided not to go to Northampton – particularly as my back was playing me up from a lot of stationary sitting and as I hadn’t taken any antiinflammatories today – and then there was the thought of the drive tomorrow….

Came home, ate pizza and watched rugby on ESPN – part of France : South Africa followed by Italy : New Zealand. Both matches were far more entertaining than either Friday night’s Blues match or Saturday’s England one. Followed that with the new episode of Dr Who…. very dark episode – poses lots of thought provoking struggles. Followed by some reading and reflection before on to a bit of email/web time and now a bowl of cereal before bed!!


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