Posted by: lepages | November 20, 2009

Training step up….

Well, been feeling better and stronger this week – though realise compared to others I have a long way to go!!

Nothing over weekend with family time Saturday, NVQ training at rugby club Sunday and the long journey to Waverley and back on Monday. Have done some catch up through this week though! Tuesday did a good session at gym. Kept everything to schedule and back to normal weights for core stuff. Comfortable 5k run at 12.4kph on 1.5% incline on treadmill.

In the evening went to Traktors swimming session – challenging stuff. Went through same technique sessions of 100m on catch up, single arm, stretch, count kicks and extended push off x2. We then went on to sprints – challenging stuff – 6x25m sprints (1min per time incl. rest period – did 21secs x5 and a 22sec to finish) – pleased with that until I heard others in mid range were doing circa 17secs! Can’t for the life of me see how!! Then 3x50m sprints (2min 30secs per time incl. rest period) Really hard after turn, but picked up again after that. Times of 54, 55 and 50secs – really pleased to get fastest on my last! Final session 2x100m sprints (3mins per time incl. rest period) Times of 1:55 and 1:50 – really hard to keep going – invariably found myself dying after third turn. Frightening to think that so many others in the club do 400m at that pace or much faster!!

Wednesday gym session mid pm. Good session – treadmill intervals as set 12-14kph – threw in an extra 14.5kph towards end of 16mins as feeling good – 3.3k av. 12.5kph. Followed with lots of weights/core strength stuff as cardio equipment being used. Didn’t get on bike, but finished with cross trainer – 5mins at 10/12/14 levels – though dropped back several times due to high heart rate.

Thursday. Up to gym late pm – pleasing run on track machine with progression on my step up pattern. Having managed to follow through last week by reducing by 0.5k on kilometre and 2min markers, I thought I’d go for 0.4k reductions this time – success again. 0.3 reductions next time! Overall 6.1k in 30mins, av. 12.1kph. Everything else according to prog. Pleasing.

Eve. off to my first spinning session with Traktors at Bedford Girls High School – superb facility – but, boy was that a tough session. Didn’t know quite what to expect, but it was certainly tough! Nearly died several times, but just managed to keep going, though not at pace! Sweated buckets! I’m sure it’d be doing me good as its challenging! Will try and return, circumstances permitting.

Once got home watched some of the Children in Need concert from Albert Hall. Loved the support music of full orchestra with different artists! Add to that Paul McCartney’s superb performance at the end – great stuff.

Well, Children in Need was the theme for my session this morning. Gym doing a continuous treadmill through the day, and a totalling of lengths swum in pool. Was at gym in advance of 7.30am for my first 30 minutes on the treadmill. Did a straight 6k at 12kph. Then off into the pool as quickly as I could and did 64 lengths (1 mile apparently) then back into gym for second 30 minute stretch. Did just over 6k, having pushed speed very slightly during first 15mins, but after that, dropped it back as inspite of banana between run and swim, and gel between swim and second run I suddenly lost energy. Kept 12kph to the end though. Glad to have done it.

Sitting in the changing rooms afterwards chatted with a guy who had just done 3 hour straight swim completing 4.5 miles and planning to return at lunchtime to do a further 1.5 miles to make a total of 6! Dead impressed!



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