Posted by: lepages | November 24, 2009

Diary update…

Well…. 9 days since I last did this…. how time flies!! Guess a lot of it has appeared in other posts inbetween times…. but what have I been up to?….

Last Tuesday was a great day! I did some DIY! Well, I painted a wall – outside – well strictly speaking 3 walls of progressively smaller size! Bathroom wall – boundary wall – little garden wall. Pleased with the result and want to put second coat on, but every day since has been damp and don’t really want to risk painting it if it looks like it might rain.. there was one bit on the bathroom wall next to one of the windows where some water must have been trapped under the plastic sill and once I brushed there it ran down and I have a nice little white stripe in the otherwise ‘sandstone’ wall… so clearly water and this paint don’t mix! Once second coat done, as we’re pleased with the colour will try and do the other stone work that needs doing – window sills and front bay window – will be first time changing from white/black in 16/17 years!!

Have spent much time over past week on the phone sorting administrative errors!! Had a sizeable standing order go from bank which should have been cancelled – surprising how awkward it can be to fix these things – helpful lady from bank did some significant leg work though – but still awaiting refund cheque – will give it a couple more days. Then there was the letters from our gas/electricity suppliers – first one encouraging! Annual review on recent readings – £70 in credit – reduce monthly payments by around £10. Next day another letter – as we have been unable to read your meters recently, revised estimated payment around £10 more!!! Ring them up, and very helpful lady who tries to put things right…. and ends up suggesting a payment half way between the two… around what we pay now! Er…. no!! I say – that’s put us £70 in credit! Why don’t we stick with the original suggestion? she says. Hooray I say, now that seems sensible! Then, yesterday I received a letter from Autoglass – we had a replacement windscreen a couple of months ago – demanding rapid payment of late bill! We paid our £50 insurance excess I say – why do you want another £140 odd from us??!! Insurance company only pays first £100 they say, you have to pay rest. Not what my policy says I say. Well, you’ll have to check with them they say, I’ll note on the file they say. On to insurance company. Go through the answer service programme, eventually get to a person, who then requires to go through all the personal identification stuff I’ve already done on the phone again, only to then say, I’m sorry but you’ll have to ring this number about that…. Same pattern again. Will have to put you on hold while I check this out…. no music, no tone…. almost getting to the point of thinking I’ve been cut off and putting the phone down when she arrives back I’m sorry, we do seem to have made a mistake here… we’ll arrange payment to Autoglass… but we would advise you to contact them to advise them of this… Ring Autoglass back…. explain… well we’ll need to contact insurers to ensure that’s the case. That’s fine, just make sure you note all this on the record so I don’t have to repeat it again please!! Will do sir. Thanks for taking the trouble to let us know.

3 administrative errors, hopefully sorted in one week!!

Then there was the day when my Netbook failed to load its operating system…. went through everything I could think of… but it was clearly not finding a file it needed to load…. gave up in the end and headed round to Simon to get him to sort it. First visit to his and Lucy’s flat – lovely spacious flat, great view out over river. Great to chat and catch up a bit over a cup of hot orange. Did a grand job rerouting the code so everything loaded and did a grand job talking about all sorts of things without mentioning church being as I’m on sabbatical – impressive stuff – part of me desperately wanted to ask about a few things including how he’d got on preaching on Sunday… but managed to resist!!

Friday last week was my Children in Need session at the gym… you can see my notes on that on my blog here Pretty much did me in for rest of day, after having done a gym session late previous afternoon followed by my first spinning session in the evening. Rest of Friday seeing to birds, doing a big Tescos shop, cooking tea – nice new recipe out of the paper – potatoes cooked in milk, then baked in oven with onions, pancetta and cheeses and served with a green salad – surprisingly nice!! Evening spent reading the paper and keeping an eye on the Blues progress against Ulster – depressing stuff – Bedford utterly trashed – though a reasonably sympathetic match report from the Ulster fanzine site here

Saturday got dressed and ready to go out for a bike training ride, but as I was seeing to birds, dampness started to set in and some big black clouds – weather forecast didn’t sound promising and thought without mudguards I wouldn’t be appreciated in a big group training ride. Decided to go for a run instead. Weather stayed dryish so probably would have been okay out on the bike ride, but glad I went on my run. Decided to try my old Ascics shoes to compare with my newer Mizuno ones – have to say definitely felt more comfortable in my Ascics, no sign of any bother to my left knee, or of bruising blistering to my toes. Had decided not to push too hard but to take an easy run, pleased with that to do my 10.9k run round Priory Park in 57:54 – av. 11.3kph – last time I did it I had struggled and went over the hour for the first time ever – encouraging sign that my fitness is recovering post virus and post half marathon.

Well, this post is seeming like a half marathon as I look at the word count! Must update more often! If you’re mind has had enough feel free to switch/log off now… but there’s more to come.

Rest of Saturday was great. Went to town with Helen and able to sort some things out that needed doing, then we went out with Julie for a meal at Pizza Express, courtesy of Tescos vouchers – tried some of the new items from their menu – very nice. As we were eating the Kerr clan arrived and sat on table next door to us – great to catch up with them a bit. Home and watch highlights of England:NZ match. Great match to watch. Even though England lost, encouraging to see a much more effective game being played rather than aerial ping pong in a mindless way!

Sunday was our second training session for our NVQ in Spectator Safety at the rugby club. Much better session. Felt really gained some stuff from the time. Helped you think through some of the implications and mistakes that are made on all sorts of fronts. In the evening I went to Kings Arms Church. Good time. Saw lots of friends and able to catch up with some briefly. Great to see and hear of some of their plans for their new church building. Some great teaching from a young couple, think their names were Kirsty and Matt, based on Matthew 5:43-48. They shared very openly, honestly and personally out of experience about what it means to love your enemy and pray for those who persecute you, and how the only way you are able to do that is out of knowing and experiencing the depth of God’s love for you. Excellent stuff. Guess the talk might appear here on the King’s Arms website before too long.

Well, having done over 1300 words I think I’ll stop there, and do a separate post for my lovely day with Julie yesterday!


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