Posted by: lepages | November 25, 2009

A lovely day….

Well, on my last post, cos it was so long, I stopped short of our lovely day on Monday. Monday has been my day off for I don’t know how many years, but since being on sabbatical it hasn’t – its been a nightmare of a day with travelling to Waverley Abbey and back – though a great spiritual blessing too! On Monday’s Julie and I normally have the day together – we’ve missed that because it hasn’t always been possible with other commitments to do that on another day during my sabbatical. So it was a great joy this Monday when there was a gap in my programme at Waverley (2 more sessions to go) to spend the day together.

After a relaxed start to the day, reading paper, checking news on Blues, Traktors, Facebook websites we headed off to Manor Farm Granaries in Brington to buy some bird seed supplies. Instead of going the direct route up through Kimbolton, which whilst a lovely route, has so many speed restrictions now, we went out via A6, A45, A14 – quicker and more mpg courtesy of not having to continually brake, accelerate etc. Picked up the necessary, had a browse around their lovely collection of bits and pieces and then started to head back. We stopped off at Stanwick Lakes for lunch – lovely place, lovely atmosphere, lovely food, lovely staff (well I did head it ‘lovely day’!! – and no I’m not going to use a thesaurus!) Great to sit in the huge window of the cafe area, out of the wind and wet looking out over the lake and seeing all the bird life there. The water was a bit choppy and I wondered whether birds sitting on the water ever get sea sick? Julie thought this was extremely funny – but as someone who does get sea sick the moment he steps on a boat with a rolling motion, it seems a reasonable, caring thought. 😉

From there we headed via an unknown route across country to Harrold to visit Julie’s parents. Spent a lovely (see got it in there again;-)) hour or so chatting with them over a mug of tea (or glass of water in my case!) From there we headed home and I put my contact lenses in for a special reason – I wanted to choose some new glasses!! We headed down to my friends at Simon Donne Opticians (cool website if you don’t mind Simon talking to you!!) Half an hour later, with 2 very different frames to choose between I opted for a new pair which also included some magnetic clip on sunglasses – well cool – can’t wait to get them as these old ones are so scratched up now and even the frame has a chip in it – not good for a former Dispensing Optician!! From there we popped into Goldings and bought a mixing bowl! I look forward to tasting the goodies Julie intends cooking using it! Popped into Lidls for a quick nose around before picking up Helen from work.

A quiet evening in. After tea, updated Ubuntu on my desktop – Ubuntu is a cool operating system – comes with all the software you’re likely to need – if you download it, you can partition your hard drive as you install it and keep the boring old, heavy Windows if you really want to!! Once that was done finished reading paper, had another bite to eat and headed to bed early – hour and a half later I’d finished my book – a good story.

Well that was my ‘lovely day’, so fitting I should put a link in to this – ‘a lovely day!!’
Or alternatively, a gospel version here.



  1. great location for taking a picture for your blog…almost every day I walk to work by the river, but for sure I wish that my walk would be by the sea…

  2. Hi Florian, that’s just a picture from the many repeatedly taken as we head back home to my homeland of Guernsey – island of Herm behind us, with Sark beyond that – 3 miles to Herm, 9 to Sark (if my eory serves me correctly!!

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