Posted by: lepages | December 5, 2009

Sabbatical update

Well, at last it starts to feel like I’m on a sabbatical! Taken me two months to begin to unwind. This last week has been a lot more ‘chilled’ – haven’t felt driven to ‘achieve’, but just to relax and be – good stuff. Still got some things done around home though! Rearranged our lounge this week, shampooed the carpet – major clean up behind furniture moved! Discovered a number of things that need returning to their rightful owners – two books done so far! Next week hope to tackle my study upstairs (such as it is – has really become a ‘store room’ in last couple of years….) How good will I be at culling…. and will I find other things that need returning??!!

Have had some great times with God through this week, reading, reflecting, just ‘being’ with him at times – as I feel now – just conscious of him being here with me. Here’s some more things from my diary from this past few days…. which have contributed in part to where I find myself at this time. I trust that they will bless you too.

Courtesy of some links from one of Richard Pool’s posts on Facebook I found this wonderful affirmation for worship and coming together from

“Amidst our hectic, consumerist suburbia,
we pause in silence,
we hear the ancient Scriptures,
we behold the beauty of the Lord,
we submit to the preached Word,
we encounter God’s mysterious presence,
we respond to him in praise and worship.”


“One day as Jesus was walking along the shores of the Sea of Galilee, he saw Simon and his brother Andrew, fishing with a net, for they were commercial fishermen. Jesus called out to them, “Come, be my disciples, and I will show you how to fish for people!” And they left their nets at once and went with him.”
Mark 1:16-18 New Living Translation

I wonder how immediate our response is to the Lord’s call on our lives? Do we respond immediately, or do we take time to pray over, consider, reflect on whether this is the right thing at this time in our lives? Do we know what it means to be Jesus’ disciples and to walk with him every day?

Lord, teach me to be effective in fishing for people too; help me to walk with you each day.

From ‘The Road of Life’ – reflections on searching and longing by David Adam

“Unwind. Spend some time each day definitely relaxing. It is good to sit quietly with some music – or to enter into silence. Think of yourself like a coiled spring, wound up and uptight and seek to let this time be a time of uncoiling. Think of yourself in a beautiful place, in the sun. Perhaps by a lakeside where the waves are gently lapping. There is no need to do anything. Let go of all tension, take time out. It is amazing how invigorating this can be. Give the body and the mind some time off. Make sure you are comfortable and that each part of your body is at ease. Check your neck, your face, your hands, your stomach, your whole body for signs of tension. There is no need to do anything. Rest in the presence of God as you would in the sunshine. Sometimes when my mind wants to wander I bring it in check with a prayer of affirmation:

God I rest in you:
You are here with me.

God I rest in you:
You are here in the stillness.

God I rest in you:
You are with me always.

God you are with me.
Grant me your peace.


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