Posted by: lepages | December 6, 2009

Looking back…

Well, its been a brilliant week. Yesterday morning it was sunny, with bright blue skies – finally a chance to get out on the bike with Leo and the crew from Beds Road CC and others. A great morning out. Great company, chatting with different folk. Really encouraging too in realising fitness is finally improving again. (On the other hand… maybe it was just a product of having done less exercise this week!) Went through most of session without feeling my legs were killing me – and I was doing what I was supposed to be doing! Delighted too, courtesy of lucky positioning on Leo’s wheel to come in second behind him on the final ‘road race’ section back to Cardington. Arrived home just as the weather was starting to cloud over – great to have great weather for all our time out!

Monday it was down to Waverley as posted previously – last session tomorrow. Been a valuable time, but would much prefer to have done it as say a two session residential over two weeks rather than a weekly commute for a day at a time over 9 weeks.

Tuesday was an interesting day! Really valuable time with the Lord through the morning, then after lunch thought I’d start having a move around of the lounge before going to the gym later in the afternoon… never got to the gym. Why does everything I do in life take longer than the time allowed??!!! And why whenever I do anything does it always reveal unexpected extra tasks… moving furniture reveals all sorts of things that need cleaning and sorting out… also meant discovering a number of items which needed returning to their rightful owners…. sorry people!! Anyway, pretty much sorted by late afternoon and time to pick Helen up from work…. apart from the pile of stuff dumped on the stairs ready to be placed in my ‘study’ (junk room!!) upstairs… problem is that will mean sorting the study out… well maybe some time this week!!!

Evening was swimming with Traktors – did a timed 800m swim – 17mins 38secs – think turning slows me down as I’m sure I’d be faster in open water – have certainly done Box End lake (circa 800m) in 16mins odd – and two triathlons have done 750m swims in circa 15mins including time getting to transition point.

Came home to find Julie & Helen had had problems with TV – they’d tried all the usual tricks – I tried them again – try switching off at mains, checking scarts inserted properly, even tried different scart – still not working properly – called Virgin – they sent out an engineer the next day who kindly upgraded our smartcard to improve the box function… but the main problem was we had the scart lead in the wrong socket….. ooopppppsssss!

Wednesday was another day of quiet on my own with God for the morning – really great! After lunch shampooed the carpet in the lounge – much better, though a few days later you’d hardly know – keeping birds is not good if you want a clean house! (But its great having them and all the entertainment they provide!) Then up to the gym and good session – good 5k run on the treadmill at 1.5% incline, gradually increasing speed slightly from 12kph at start throughout the run to give an average speed overall of 12.4kph – time 24:19 (not 14:19 as my diary says!! In my dreams!). Quiet evening in reading paper and updating this!

Thursday, more extended time with the Lord in the morning, then early lunch and off to Kempston pool for a swim at lunchtime. Did 150m warm up, 50m catchup, 100m single arm, 50m touch, 200m pull buoy, 100m kick board, 50m breast stroke, 50m sculling then a timed 800m 17:42 – very close to Tuesday which was interesting (stopped briefly twice to let faster swimmers past) then to warm down another 50m breast stroke, 50m scull and final 100m easy. Rest of afternoon spent reading paper, nosing around my favourite websites, listening to an excellent preach from Simon Bell on our church website (humorous, thought provoking, challenging) and cooking tea. Evening out to the Traktors spinning session. Pleased to have best session yet – didn’t ‘fail’ till nearly the end this week – pleasing – wonder whether I’ll be able to keep the level up right through a session??!! May have been better on achievement, but not better on me – felt faint at one point, and felt really sick afterwards – got home, drank mug of milk, had bowl of cereals, glass of coke and a couple of Julie’s peppermint creams – feeling better after this!

Friday was a ‘bits day’ with a major focus being a first trip for this round to the physio – great lady Kay quickly diagnosed my problem, set me some easy stretches to do and then went to work with doing some more painful ones on me – ouch – struggle to stand for a few moments afterwards! Once on bike things soon loosened up. Returned first long term borrowed books – then popped into bank and Wesley Owen to buy a new book – seeing as I’ve returned some! 😉 Thought after the physio probably not best to pursue any training.

In the evening Julie and I went out to a Traktors meal at a ‘Mexican restaurant’ – great time chatting with folk – one in our crowd was Mexican which highlighted that the Mexican food wasn’t very Mexican. Meal was okay – but they do do a cracking Lemon Brulee to finish!

Well, that brings to today. Helen and I went down to visit IGC (International Gospel Church) in Burnt Oak, North London. Surprised to find a mate Darren Chubb was speaking in their Family Service – having heard how he engaged with a broad age spread, looking forward to his visit to Rutland Road in a few months time. Small music group on this occasion – two vocalists leading the sung worship with a keyboard player and guitarist and encouraging congregational participation – they made a beautiful sound, inspite of technical difficulties with one of the mikes! Afterwards went and called in on a friend in South Harrow and shared lunch with them – very nice!

Looking forward to what the week ahead brings… especially our Blokes day on Wednesday… be good to catch up with some friends and share together what God is saying to us as we meet.


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