Posted by: lepages | December 11, 2009

A brief review of a full time…

Monday was the last session of my course at Waverley Abbey – Genesis to Revelation – God’s redemptive story – an excellent conclusion to an excellent course – can thoroughly recommend the course to others who really want to think through the wonder of the way in which God comes to rescue his people – it will run again next Autumn if anyone can spare 10 Mondays! Not on the website yet, but I have details!

Tuesday was catch up day. Out for physio first thing, then home to household/bird duties etc. Just getting lunch when a friend I hadn’t seen for some time called round…. they left several hours later…. quick trip up to the gym, then home to pick up Helen, have tea and go out again. Hosting Blokes day on Wednesday so off to purchase far too much food as usual!

Wednesday was of course our Blokes day. A really good day, even though a couple of guys couldn’t make it. Good to be able to share together, pray together and speak into one another’s lives. A delight to have a friend Jason Street join us for the first time and find that he is now the pastor at St. Ives Christian Fellowship, just up the road a little way. Due to other pressures we didn’t get out together for a meal in the evening, so took the opportunity to get out to Pizza Express with Julie and use up some of our Tesco Clubcard vouchers!!

Thursday was down to Finchley, North London to pick up the inlaws from a stay at Julie’s sister and brother-in-laws. Great to share a meal together and have time not only with Dad & Mum P, but also Julie’s sister Esther, and her nephew’s wife Jess and Julie’s great nephew Toby – a real entertainer. Didn’t get home till after 4, so it was sort a few things, fetch Helen, tea and out to Traktors’ spinning class – hard going – agony on my face caused much amusement for others – recovered better this week though! Home and sort a few bits with Helen, food and drink and watched an episode of Yes Minister – hilarious as ever!!

This morning was give the aviaries a desperately needed clean out session, and get a hair cut (thanks Julie!!) Am now waiting for a delivery, which somehow we missed when we were in…. grrrr…. actually, expecting 2 deliveries… and was pleased to receive another delivery of a new Muse CD in the post this morning – spent some of my birthday money from October – will power up the desktop, download it, listen to it, copy it to my netbook, whilst I have lunch… and await the delivery person…..



  1. Glad my son kept you amused and glad to discover you are a fellow Yes Minister fan! God bless and love to the family. Mark

  2. Thanks Mark – and if I don’t see you before have a blessed Christmas.

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