Posted by: lepages | December 17, 2009

Don’t move things…..

just don’t do it!! Its not wise!! It always creates problems… it always creates more work than you anticipate! If I’ve learned one thing during my sabbatical its this – it is not wise to move things, to look behind things and so on… It started when I decided to wipe down damp windows when we had our first cold snap of the Autumn… what you find behind net curtains is not good…. then there was the move the furniture around the lounge session – not a good idea! All that dirt and cobwebs were quite happy until I pulled the desk away from the wall… and then I felt forced to destroy the spiders homes… and of course I discovered things that belonged to other people… some of which have been returned and others which are still waiting to go home…. and then over the last few days its been sort out the study time…. more unexpected discoveries…. more dampness behind some books on outlying walls…. more things that belonged to other people and now need returning (at least we returned a loaned car this morning – thanks Brian & Jean! Much appreciated!) And then this morning, in readiness for a new cooker that I await delivery for I pulled the cooker out…. I did wonder whether I might find my favourite kitchen knife hiding there… but no, sadly it wasn’t… I wonder if it will ever surface??….. But, I did find a table knife, fork and spoon – a matching set at that too – along with a long handled wooden spoon – I do like that spoon – a long handle is so good when you’re cooking hot things! But the real surprise (other than the depth of greasy deposits on the sides of the wall and surrounding units – which is real hard work to clean off!) was the discovery of an empty 2 litre Coke bottle – how long had that been there??!! And how fortunate it hadn’t come to rest against anything hot and melted or worse, burned….

So I wonder should we ever move things and poke around? Does it cause more damage and hard work? Or is it actually a good thing to do to keep things in better condition in the long term – but if its good to do…. how often should you do it?

I guess for us as human beings its sometimes good to lift the curtain on things in our lives, but at the same time, I’m not sure that its good to be constantly inspecting every part of our lives! Just like our homes, if we spend all our time cleaning every part of them we never have time to enjoy just living in them, so in our lives if we spend all our time inspecting every part of our lives and trying to sort them out we may never get to go out and live life to the full. Jesus, even though he was God, came, was born as a human being and lived and died as a human being, that we might have life in all its fulness and as we are filled with him in all his fulness, so he has a habit of changing us by his Spirit.

Its been an interesting week. On Monday morning Julie and I went out and did our Christmas shopping – well we got all of my family’s things done and some of Julie’s. We then popped out for lunch – very pleasant. Once home I took the Christmas cards I’d printed and written on Sunday night to the Post Office and got them stamped up and put in the post. Please find a copy attached to wish all readers God’s richest blessing this Christmas time.
Christmas card 09

We then went up to the gym for a quick session before going to fetch Helen from work. Poor session at gym. I was on for my pyramid run – tried reducing my number of 0.3k drops from the 2 1/2min 0.5k steps from 11.5-14k – got all the way through the going up pyramid okay, but was struggling 5 minutes into the drop session and at 23mins blew completely – ended up brisk walking to finish the 30 minutes – distance 5.5k giving an average speed of 11k – hmmmmmm…..

Tuesday was start the day with physio. Long stretches were hard and painful – since then I seem to be back at square one with back pain coming on quite quickly after sitting… sad about this as I did seem to be improving quite a bit. Oh well! Such is life. I guess I just mustn’t spend time sitting around writing blogs šŸ˜‰

From there it was off for a big Tescos shop and then the rest of the day was spent beginning work on the big study clear out/clean up session.

Evening was off to Traktors swim session. Hard time. Not in physical effort, but Steve Young took it upon himself to spend his time coaching us amateurs in the slow lane. Well… not all amateurs…. one lass was so quick she got moved up two lanes straight away… and the other was able to do exactly what was asked very quickly… unlike myself… I’m sure I must be dyspraxic – well it’d be good to have something to blame for my failure to put into action the things I’m asked to do! Anyway – a good session – if I can persuade my elbows to come out of the water better and further, if I can persuade my arm to go in straight and not at an angle, and if I can get a grip on push off and turns then my pool swim times should make a significant step up – the problem is getting the instructions processed through my head and reproduced by my body! Perhaps one day!

Wednesday was take the masses of books I decided to dispose of down to the office at church to make available to others, pop into Wesley Owen, round to train station to upgrade a ticket from single to return, and then return home to continue work on the study. Task completed… in a really pleasing way, making me think of returning to my study for work and time with God in the New Year. It was then on to Christmas present wrapping. Was just completing as Julie and Helen came in. Had pleasure after tea in piling the presents up around the Christmas tree (Isn’t this the weirdest tradition – nothing to do with the Christian faith that I can see! But its nice! šŸ˜‰ ) Then spent some time reading the paper, and Ultra-Fit magazine before watching Spooks and bed.

I sit waiting for the fitter folk to arrive with our new cooker and find my mind turning towards competition next year. Definitely want to do the Big Cow Duathlons in Milton Keynes to kick start the year. Would like to do the Thames Turbo Sprint tri again, just to see whether I’m able to improve significantly on this year’s times? But what else… I was caught by the thought of doing Middle Distance/Half Ironman following seeing the Middle Distance GraniteMan event in Guernsey in September, but they’re not putting on another till 2011. The Vitruvian was flagged up on the Traktors Message board today. Its in September and on a Saturday! Do I go for it, or do I just step up to an Olympic distance this year and wait till GraniteMan in 2011?? But then there is the Olympic distance triathlon also at Rutland Water, and also on a Saturday… so perhaps I could build up gradually through the season??!! But…. they’re not cheap… perhaps I should just stick to sprints…. we’ll see what time brings up!!



  1. Visit Wesley Owen while you can – it has just gone bust. Very sad.

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