Posted by: lepages | December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve…

Well, one day to go to the great day, the day when we celebrate the most incredible fact of history – God coming to be with his people, by becoming part of his creation, in the person of a little baby, born in an obscure town, in a small nation, under the oppression of a world superpower. Wow! Blows your mind!

Throughout my sabbatical I have been moved again and again by the fact that in everything it is God who takes the initiative – he created in the first place – he made a covenant with Noah to rescue him and his family and to never again flood the earth and put a rainbow to remind himself of the commitment he’d made. It was God who chose Abraham as the avenue through which he would bring blessing to all people. And then it was God who rescued his chosen people from slavery, set them up as a kingdom, and then set himself up to come as the Saviour. It is God the Holy Spirit who now reveals the wonder of all of this to us as human beings and brings us to know him personally, to have him making his home in our lives.

God, you blow my mind, you excite me so much, thank you for bringing me into your kingdom, into your family, and letting me share that with others. Help me to do so more and to do so more effectively. For your glory and praise and for others blessing – that they may be blessed as I am blessed!

This is all just bubbling over from inside of me – this blog was just going to be an update to today, but hey, there are some things that are more important!

Oh well… back to the mundane!! Its been an absolute delight to have my parents staying with us and to have Dad working hard decorating our kitchen, lobby and bathroom – I’ve picked up a brush now and again, but the reality is its Dad who has put in the hard work! Thanks Dad! Thanks Mum too for the cleaning up afterwards and delivering me from so much washing up!!

As well as the work we’ve had some great times out and about too. It was good to pop in to Rutland Road Church for a Christmas Celebration and catch up with a few folk, in advance of my return soon – great too to chat with one of the other elders, Paul, who was arranging to meet for a ‘re-entry meeting’ – good stuff – the very thing I was going to try and arrange next week! Then there was yesterday afternoon, wandering around Priory Marina in the snow – wonderful!

Well, today, Christmas Eve – decorating completed, tools all cleared away, lounge, kitchen, bathroom cleaned up after the debris from the last few days. Shopping done. Think we’re now just about ready for the big day. Looking forward to not only hosting my parents, but also Julie’s parents too – wonderful. Guess there’ll be some food preparation to do later (waiting to see what my first attempt at banana bread is like – apparently it smells good – lets hope it tastes it too!) – but after that we can get down to what the whole Christmas thing is really about! So looking forward to heading up to Brickhill Baptist Church for their late night carols tonight at 11.30pm. Tomorrow, as well as the delight of sharing with my parents, looking forward to driving over to Harrold to collect Julie’s Mum & Dad, so that we can all share together in celebrating the birth of our Saviour at the Christmas Day Celebration at Rutland Road.

In case you’ve missed it before, here’s our Christmas card, including a prayer you might like to use. Have a Christ-filled Christmas! God bless you!


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