Posted by: lepages | December 28, 2009

To Weymouth and back…

Well, things turned out a bit different to expected yesterday! Saturday night I went to bed around 8pm expecting to have to get up at 2am to drive Dad & Mum down to check in by 7am. I was just falling asleep when Helen came in to say she’d checked online and the crossing was delayed until 1pm – great – no middle of the night journey. Finished reading my book instead of going to sleep. Up at 1/4 to 6 and on the road an hour later. Had an excellent journey down. No traffic hold ups – even got down quicker than our journey up – journey time of around 3 hours 40 minutes – great stuff. Enough time for a quick wander along the beach with Mollie and Dad & Mum – said my goodbyes and headed for the station to catch the 11.48 for Waterloo – except it wasn’t going to Waterloo – was stopping at just about every station to Southampton Central – and train surprisingly busy – think I must have smelt though – never had anyone sitting with me….

We stopped outside of Southampton – I was glad!!
We were on a bridge over some mudflats and I had a superb view of a Curlew, a Little Egret and a Ringed Plover all feeding close by and in superb view. If I had a brain I’d have hooked the camera out – instead here’s some pics courtesy of the RSPB website

As well as those 3 there were also plenty gulls and a good number of Oystercatchers, but I didn’t have as good a view of them.

Once we were moving I was fascinated to get a view of Southampton docks – containers piled high seemed to stretch forever….. A picture to give you a little idea of the view….

Well after that we were soon into Southampton Central and had to get off the train and transfer to buses to travel to Eastleigh to join another train for the next stage of the journey. Think you’d struggle to find a worse bus to put on for the task – it was very old and wornout – body work was a mess and was the upholstery…. and the windows were soaked with condensation. I went upstairs and used my coat sleeve to wipe a small viewing point. En route to Eastleigh I think I saw where the engineering work was going on. There was one huge crane, very heavily weighted that was moving something I couldn’t see well – I suspect they were replacing a bridge.

Didn’t have to wait too long for the next train and it seemed to run pretty well arriving at Waterloo pretty much on time at 1437. Good to get out and walk through the tube stations. At St. Pancras by 3pm and had a 30 minute wait for the first East Midlands train to Bedford. We stopped outside of Bedford and waited for nearly 10 minutes – a problem with doors apparently – not sure how they knew that though given it was an old train ( 😦 ) with manual door opening! Anyway, home by 4.45pm – starving hungry… so whacked some Christmas dinner in the microwave – very thirsty too – fed up of coffee so downed a glass of water followed by a glass of apple juice, followed by a glass of lemonade. Quiet evening before preparing things for my bike today and early to bed – asleep around 10pm


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