Posted by: lepages | January 1, 2010

Why its not wise to have a break from training…

Its been a great time over Christmas, having my parents with us, decorating the kitchen, porch and bathroom with Dad, having Christmas Day with both my parents and Julie’s parents – a first time – lovely!

Been great to pop back to Rutland Road Church too, as preparation for my return from sabbatical this week, as well as the joy of worshipping together with my family….

…. but for 10 days I didn’t do any exercise beyond taking Mollie, the dog out for a walk a couple of times…. and can I sure tell now!!

Monday was the first exercise – and a great time it was too. Went out with some Traktors friends for a great ride at 8.30am, whilst air temperature was still below zero – but it was a lovely day – bright – and roads in the main clear – until we got onto some of the smaller village roads – and it definitely got worse the further south we headed. We clocked a total of around 55 miles – some of the going was slow as we picked our way between icy patches, or in some cases cautiously over them! But I loved it – not the ice, but just being out, getting some exercise and enjoying the views – some spectacular views across fields with mist hanging in the morning sunshine – beautiful – saw 2 buzzards on route too – not together – but both at a fair distance from each other were just coming in to land in a tree close to the roadside – great to see them – and the beautiful cock bullfinch who flitted in and out along a hedgerow at one point.

Well, where did we go? Roughly, out from Bedford to Cardington, through the lanes to Ireland, onto the A600 and then off down to Campton and on to Shillington, Apsley End, Pegsdon, along the B655 and up the long hill from Hexton to Lilley. It was through the roads south of there that the roads got really dodgy – but it was worth it! We stopped off at one point to view this field full of wild Fallow Deer – must have been 50+ there – a beautiful sight!

We headed back to main roads towards Hitchin, and from there on towards Henlow Camp. Roads clear now, so it was put the foot down and put in some effort – at that point I felt like I had too may layers on – had 4 on top, and 3 pairs of socks – sweated buckets! Apart from my left foot which was soooooo coldddddd – strangely my right one wasn’t – makes no sense to me! Took it in turns on the front. I suddenly blew on one of my turns and dropped off the back – took me 5 minutes to recuperate and get back on.

We crossed the A507 and headed into Shefford, round to Southill, and then back through the village roads to Cardington and home – a really enjoyable ride out.

Have to say though, by the middle of the afternoon I was absolutely shattered and nearly went to sleep! Cycling time circa 3 1/2 hours giving an average speed of around 25kph – not too bad considering the conditions and the very hesitant riding at times! One of the few times in my life when I have preferred going uphill to going down!!

Tuesday was a swimming session with friends. Good to have someone else critique my stroke. Spent over an hour in the water splashing around – everything seemed really hard work!! But a suggestion for trailing my finger tips on the water surface may have helped me get my arms up and in a better position – time will tell! Spent over an hour splashing around – and again felt shattered by the end.

Shattered is the repeating word for the week.

Wednesday was up to the gym. 15mins on the cross trainer to warm up – that went well/okay – don’t really know because I was chatting away with another chap the whole time I was on the machine so took no notice of what I was doing – I know it was a variable resistance programme swapping between power of 150 and 230 watts – seemed to go okay…. unlike the 5k run on the track machine that was to follow. Programme set for 12kph… but I do like to fiddle… to give me something to do! So gradually increased speed up to 12.5kph – absolutely blew at 4k’s – knocked it back down to 10kph just to survive – regained breath and sprinted out the last few hundred metres at 15kph to complete inside 25mins with an average speed of 12.1.

After that did some weights and core strength stuff – repeats seemed hard… weights seemed heavier than usual – wonder if someone’s changed the labels!!

Thursday I was busy working on my preach for Sunday – Julie was poorly, so had to go and do a major Tescos shop and cook tea – didn’t get to do any exercise – busyness seemed like a good excuse!

Today, New Year’s Day is the start of my training schedule.
Down for today I had a run. Opted to do this first thing, after time with God and seeing to birds.
Plan was 10mins easy jog warm up, 6x25m strides followed by 1min recovery, 20mins tempo running 80%, then 10mins jog warm down.
Below freezing out again – wore three layers, hat, gloves, 2 pairs of socks – fine for warming up – far too much once pace quickened up!

Decided to run along river towards Great Denham – river high and flooding in places – grass well frozen, pools of water iced over. Had to change route from loop around to Kempston as intended, and reverse and return. Went pretty well, though couldn’t keep the tempo run up for 20mins – died at 15 and just jogged home gently. Total distance 6.9k, time 39:40, giving av. 10.5kph. Felt bad about this, but then worked out my tempo part – 3.5k in just under 15mins giving average speed of 14kph – fast for me – so guess I was going a bit harder than an 80% tempo rate. Without a flashy watch how can I pace myself better??

Plan for tomorrow – weather conditions and time permitting – is an interval ride on the bike – maybe if there’s still the threat of ice around I’ll not do the intervals and just put in some miles.



  1. Keep to the miles in the cooooold weather. Good for gettting rid of Christmas food! I had a lovely ride out around Colmworth and Sharnbrook – no ice so 35miles/2 hrs without getting cold!!

    • Thanks for that Andy – was my intended today, but time did not permit – got home from church about 1.30 – had to see to birds – bizarrely having replaced the ice with water there were four flights with birds bathing at the same time within minutes! Then it was up to the Bedford away match at Birmingham, transferred to Goldington Road for a great afternoon. Unsteady start, but ended up easy win 10 Bees : 49 Blues. Good time chatting with a fellow steward, also stood down, who is a very good runner with Harriers.

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