Posted by: lepages | January 7, 2010

Christian Leadership checkpoint…

During my sabbatical I’ve been reading Philip Greenslade’s book ‘Leadership’ – reflections on Biblical Leadership today – an excellent, stimulating book well worthy of reading by any Christian leader.

Was reflecting again this morning on his leadership checkpoint – in good preaching fashion, a good list of ‘a’s’ – 10 of them in fact!!

I’d encourage all Christian leaders to reflect on these questions….

1. Am I using the ability God has given me?

2. What is my ambition as a servant of God?

3. Have I an anointing for what I am doing?

4. Is my ministry by divine appointment?

5. Who gave me authority to do what I am doing?

6. Does my ministry find its authentication in my life?

7. Do I enjoy the approval of God in what I am doing?

8 Have I the assurance which enables me to serve without striving?

9. Do I accept the principle of accountability?

10. Can others count on my availability?


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