Posted by: lepages | January 8, 2010

Training & Diary update

Well, best laid plans of mice and men….

Had a fabulous day last Saturday….. but no training!

Great to be back at church for our Prayer4Revival time, followed by a great breakfast – thanks Margaret and co – and then a real sense of the Holy Spirit meeting with us as we ministered to someone with a real release of spiritual gifts amongst us – sadly though, we need to pray on for the fruit in healing. Then a great time sharing with the other elders and catching up on progress over the past 3 months – a really encouraging time! This took me till well past 1pm and I then had to get home, see to the birds and get up to the rugby club to watch a match I wasn’t stewarding for. My mate Jerry wasn’t stewarding either so we were able to enjoy watching the Blues defeat the Bees 10:49 (Bedford were playing ‘away’… but at home!!) and chat about training – he’s an excellent runner with Harriers – work, music and so on.

Sunday was…. no training… bit of a pattern going on here 😉
Julie was still ill in bed. Did my first preach at church after my sabbatical – not my best preach in delivery and had to cut some out, but I was nonetheless excited by who our God is – and still am!!
Home and cook dinner – lovely gammon joint – been picking at it all week in different ways!!
After food and putting my preach on the blog Helen then introduced me to a card game called ‘Go Fish’ – bit like ‘Happy Families’ – great fun! We played for ages!

Monday finally brought some training – but most of my planned outdoor training in terms of biking and running has gone by the by with the onset of snow and freezing conditions – but fortunately being a gym member allows training to continue, albeit at a different level and in a different way!

First good workout where I felt strong (well, apart from my attempt at flyes – and I only use the lightest 4kg weights 😦 )since the Christmas lay off. 16 minutes of running intervals varying speed between 11.5kph and 15kph at 1 minute intervals – went easy – that was nice. Felt strong and did 30kg leg extensions, 40kg flexions. High heart rate seemed to hold back on other cardio compared with sometimes – 10mins of the 15 on crosstrainer before high heart rate flagged up. Likewise delighted on the bike to maintain a power of 250 watts for 8 minutes before high heart rate flagged up.

A pleasing session and great to chat with a number of different folk.
After lunch it was off to see the physio – easy session of ultrasound in view of struggle of previous week. Have restarted the stretches, but seems to be aggravating again, so continued but eased back a bit on it today.

We had a powercut mid afternoon – suddenly realised the effect of a powercut in all sorts of ways – cordless phones don’t work – mental note, must keep that battered old plug in one upstairs – it was our only working phone! Having a wired lighter on the new gas cooker doesn’t work if there’s a power cut – why don’t they have a rechargeable battery to take over??!! (Probably a bit sensible!!) And similarly, why not on a thermostat??!! Gas supply ready and waiting, but because thermostat cut off, heating does too….

Evening we went out for a lovely meal with friends to the Red Lion at Elstow – food good, cheap, and the drinks too – company, excellent!

Tuesday, first time back at Teas & Tots – great catching up with a number of folk and sharing in some of their stories. A valuable pastoral meeting in the afternoon, followed by a stream of emails and phone calls which took me up to time to fetch Helen.

Went from there to Traktors swimming session. Steve Young did a grand job in helping the two of us in the slow lane out – he had a camera on a stick, which he could put under water and film our stroke – really helpful to see what you’re doing and understand what the problem is so you can correct it – stroke had definitely improved by the end – did a timed 400m and sure I got a new PB – sadly my watch had failed to time properly and I have no idea what my time was…. 😦 Sure it was around my best sort of times. Good time, felt pretty shattered once home – had some food, couple of phone calls and bed around 10.30pm

Watches…… mine played tricks on me twice within 24 hours. Couldn’t believe it when my alarm went off Wednesday morning – 6.30 already… I still feel really tired (very unusual for me first thing in the morning)…. perhaps I’ll turn over and snooze till Julie’s goes off in about 15 minutes…. next time I looked at my watch…. panic… its 20 to 8!! Leapt out of bed, downstairs, kettle on, make cup of tea… then notice all the clocks in the kitchen are saying 5 something… back to bed… frustrated… wanting to go back to sleep, but adrenaline rush not allowing… reset my watch and got up again when it did actually get to 6.30 in real time!!

It had snowed heavily over night – altered plans for the day. Some appointments cancelled, but meant I got on with a lot of planning and preparation for a lot of things coming up in the next week or so.

Went to the gym late afternoon and had another good session. My run was the pyramid from 11.5kph to 14 and back down again. Reduced by the 0.3kph at sections as previously – wasn’t sure how I’d cope, but did – though between 20 and 25 minutes it was really hard, but managed to keep it going – average speed over the 30 minutes 12.4kph – next time I will have to see if I can step it up and only reduce by 0.2kph segments. Plenty core work and weights to follow – upper body still aches today!

Thursday also had plans changed in part by the weather. Took the time to pop to Tescos on the way to Church Leaders Prayer Lunch. Good time of sharing together and reflecting on whether there can be a way forwards for a Christian bookshop in the town to replace WesleyOwen once it closes. Afterwards time of prayer with someone else before home and catch up on some admin before tea and out to cell. Good evening at cell with a new member – even if we didn’t give attention to all we should have done….

Busy day – not time for training.

Today – well today was largely study day, and then mid afternoon I went up to Kempston pool for a swim/gym session. Good time of swimming for 45 minutes or so – felt I was doing a consistent equivalent of 8’30” – 40″ on most of the steps – 2 repeats of 100m catch up, 2 repeats of 200m crawl, 400m with pull buoy, 200m crawl, 100m kick. In to gym – straight run on track machine – 5k 1.5% incline, 12kph – increased slightly for second half to give av. speed of 12.2kph at end. Followed with crosstrainer intervals – high heart rate problem today – and then core strength workout.

Not sure I fancy outdoors tomorrow, so perhaps I’ll do another swim/gym, but need to give time for some more study first.



  1. Don’t stick to the treadmill. Have had a lovely time running these last few days in snow/slush cross-country.

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