Posted by: lepages | January 17, 2010

A full diary…..

Sabbatical definitely finished!! Dread to think the number of hours I have ‘worked’ in the past week – but its been an absolute delight!

Sunday a week ago we had our Vision day, and it was great to have a very positive engagement from the church, inspite of the cold weather conditions. We look forward from that time to what God is going to open for us in serving and engaging with the local community and beyond, and in sharing the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Once home from church late afternoon it was down to some study to begin preparing notes to guide our church cell groups this coming week, based on the teaching from today (will post my sermon notes and link to the preach once its online).

Monday was my day off – but seemed pretty full. Had a good extended time with God to start the day (Further reflections post to come!) Then it was out to the aviaries and give them a desperately needed clean out. Feeding the birds, realised we needed to head up to Manor Farm Granaries to get some fresh supplies whilst road conditions were better. We got some supplies for Mum & Dad P for the wild birds, did a bit of shopping for them at Asda in Rushden (boy, that is one big shop!! Made our Bedford Tesco which I thought was pretty big, seem a bit average in size!) Spent around an hour chatting with them before having to lead for a physio appointment – shared my struggles and physio opted to try acupuncture – had half a dozen needles in my back and a couple down my legs – felt really drained afterwards – so much so that had a shower at 9pm, went to read in bed and was asleep by 9.30pm!

Busyness continued into the working week – but never felt really pressurised – perhaps running on adrenaline! Tuesday, after setting up for Teas and Tots it was over to Northampton to chair our regional Partnership group meeting. Got home mid afternoon to find Julie preparing for a visit to the gym – grabbed my things and went with her – did a 30min swim, some core strength stuff and attempted my pyramid run at a slightly higher level – just reducing from set by 0.2kph – got to 18mins and blew – poor Julie was worried for me I was huffing and puffing so much! One day I’ll do it! Home and prepare for our church Leadership Team meeting – good time – interesting to see how things have moved on during my sabbatical.

Wednesday it was off to my first ‘Passion for Life’ planning meeting – some great vision and planning for some great events. I walked from home to Russell Park Baptist Church on account of snow falling again. My walk ‘happened’ to take me past Transitions Cycles, who just happened to have a sale on – 40% reduction on some goods – just ‘happened’ to come away with a new pair of gloves, some overshoes, a cycle computer and a new front light for £60 🙂 – hopefully this week I’ll have time to put them on my bike – and maybe even to get out on my bike!!

Home for a quick lunch then out to make some visits to a couple of folk. Home and deal with some emails, phone calls, then out to my first Bedford Street Angels meeting in ages – great to hear how things are developing and moving on!

Thursday morning was preparation and planning time, then a meeting with a potential new business owner, taking over the upstairs of the former Midas Club, with the aim of creating an African restaurant and function room. Encouraging to be having consultation with Resident’s groups from the start. Lunchtime was chairing the planning meeting for our Good Friday Act of Witness in the town centre – encouraging to have an effective, active, hard working team – blown away by the mails received within 24 hours of tasks accomplished – hopefully I’ll get down to my responsibilities this week!! 😉 After that had some time in prayer before going for another swim/gym – 30mins swim, then some core strength work and a 5k run on the treadmill – gradually increasing spped to give an average for the run of 12.5kph.
Home and prepare for our Cell group meeting in the evening – a good evening, with another friend joining us for the first time. Delighted too to have 2 other group members share that they wanted to look at the Opening Doors to Employment Flier

Friday was a change of pace from working from one meeting to another to sermon preparation. Really felt the Holy Spirit’s help in my preparation – even if what I was to share may have been a little controversial at times! (More to follow in another post!) Had sermon completed by around 3.30pm and decided to go out for my first outside run of the year. Truly baptised my new running shoes – mud, dirt, water! They don’t look new any longer!! Attempted my mate Andy’s ‘5 mile’ run – slightly further from our house 😉 From us, up Brichill, then down and around fields towards Clapham – seemed to be twisting and turning through all sorts of little paths – conditions varying from mud, to ice, to snow, to pools of water – interesting running conditions – only went down once – though nearly went a couple of times – good mud splatter!! Really enjoyed it! Time 48:05 – reckon distance was pretty close to 9k from working out on Google Maps Pedometer giving an average speed of around 11.2kph – reasonably happy with that given the fun conditions and feeling like an easy run overall (though not a jog!!)

Home, sort tea, catch up on emails and prepare presentation for my preach, whilst listening to Lou Fellingham on YouTube – great song, we used it in our worship today, but recording volume level is low, so crank up your volume controls!!

Great day yesterday! Good to pray at the start of the day. Julie and I were on church cleaning – great! Love putting some music on the PA!! Muse – Showbiz – the album! Not this YouTube live track – though am looking forward to seeing them live again later in the year! Followed by a mixed praise CD – voice going even before getting to the rugby!
Popped with Julie to do a quick Tescos shop before she dropped my off at Goldington Road for the most awesome afternoon of rugby! Bedford back to their form at the start of the season – inventive, varied attacking rugby with great strong defence – brilliant, entertaining match – was expecting a tough, down to the wire battle with Nottingham, not a 51:19 rout – but even happier with that!! Incidentally I have a spare ticket for the rescheduled Rotherham match if anyone would like it??!! Just what you need to conclude a busy week! Match report and reviews on the Blues homepage.


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