Posted by: lepages | January 27, 2010

Training diary update….

Its been a busy time and I just haven’t got round to updating the blog and my training record – hopefully I can make some sense of the notes I have scribbled down!!

Have begun to feel like a hedgehog!! Physio keeps adding to the number of needles she sticks in me – around a dozen last week – leaving in for half hour – very relaxing – providing you don’t move! This Monday it was up to 15 – 9 in the back and 6 down the leg including into knee and top of foot – ouch! Over 30 minutes in. Problem not solved yet, but it certainly helps and I’m sitting here typing without pain, though there’s still some stiffness there.

Anyway, back to training…
Monday 18th January 2010
Bike intervals session
10mins warm up, then 4min hard 3min easy intervals – out through Bromham – Stevington – Pavenham – Oakley – Clapham – QP – time 48:05, av. speed 27.5kph, dist 23.75k

Tuesday 19th January 2010
Traktors swimming session
Can’t remember the exact sets, but aware stroke has improved big time and after session took decision to move up from the slow lane, to the still slow, but not quite so slow lane!

Wednesday 20th January 2010
First longer bike ride for a while – picked a hilly route – Bromham – Box End – Stagsden – Stevington – Carlton – Turvey – Newton Blossomville – Blue House (Saw wonderful flock of 50+ beautiful greenfinches here, flitting along the hedgerow ahead of me for couple hundred metres) – Astwood – Cranfield – Wootton – down the new bypass to Gt Denham – QP. Time 2:10:36 – shattered by end – should have eaten my second muesli bar en route!! Distance 58k – Av. speed 27.2kph (Max down Carlton hill 55.6kph) (Dread to think what slowest was on some hills!!) Good to be out enjoying God’s beautiful world.

Thursday 21st January 2010
Swim/gym session. Not a lot of time so did 30mins in the pool, varied drills, and a timed 400m – accept that I managed once again to switch my watch off just after starting it – sure it was a good time (for me!!) Quick intervals session on the treadmill 5mins warm up at 11.5kph, then 5x minute intervals 15kph with 1min 12kph recovery. Remaining time (only about 15mins) on core stuff and weights.

Friday 22nd January 2010
Gym session. Pyramid treadmill worst yet on the 0.2 reductions from that set. Blew at 15mins and plodded along at little over 10kph for remaining 15mins… Core strength/weights.

Saturday 23rd January 2010
Plans out the window. Was planning a run and watching the Bedford Colts play in the National Cup. Felt absolutely shattered and just couldn’t bring myself to go out again. Sat at home and listened to the commentary on the Blues match away to Exeter – didn’t make me feel any better! Oh dear….

Sunday 24th January 2010
Sabbath day’s rest! After a good time of worship at church in the morning went round to some friends for lunch – really lovely afternoon together. Exercise amounted to having a go at Wii Bowling – definitely easier than the real thing – unless its just that my skills have suddenly improved considerably!! šŸ˜‰
Home and got to work on preparing cell notes for our church small group meetings

Monday 25th January 2010
Went for another swim gym – time a bit limited again, so 30mins in pool – mainly easy drills/swimming due to number of folk in the water. Into gym, intervals on cross trainer 1:15min alternating between 150 watts and 230 watts for 15mins, followed by easy 5k on the treadmill – 1.5%incline, av. speed 12.2kph, time 24:35. Few stretches, shower and pick Helen up from work.

Tuesday 26th January 2010
Traktors swim session.
Warm up followed by 8 x 50m drills – catch up, single arm, back kick, doggy paddle (that is hard!!) touch 3x (appalling co-ordination!), head up (hard too!), then long strokes (managed 19 each way).

Swim sessions 4x 100m at circa 1:50 – 1:55 broken by circa 20secs rest (supposed to be 30, but I misunderstood!) Then 4x100m circa 2:00 with 5secs rest. Supposed to repeat both sets but we were running out of time, so went for a repeat of the circa 2:00s, though times varied between 1:55 and 2:05. Good session. Wonder if I can keep that sort of pace and smash my 400 time next week!! (Previous best times at Kempston pool 8:35)

Wednesday 27th January 2010
Well, if I’m going to do the Big Cow Duathlon on Feb 20th, and I’ve paid my money and booked my spot, then I ought to get some run-bike-run training in. Sitting here with tired, achy legs after first attempt in a long time! Reasonably pleased with the run – disappointed with the bike – though I was struggling with a strong cross/head wind on way out – noticed downhills were at least 5kph lower speed than usual – computer says wind speed was circa 16mph from Westerly direction which makes sense!
Runs were down the Slipe, along river to town bridge, through St. Mary’s gardens, up Prebend street, Kempston Road, Stafford Road, Slipe, home – 4.3k. Bike was longer than expected – Bromham – Stevington – Pavenham – Oakley – Bromham – QP – 24.7k
Details as follows:-
Run 1 20:00 – 12.9kph (Time 20mins)
T1 21.26 – 1:26min
Bike 1:14:44 – 27.9kph (Time 53:07mins from cycle computer)
T2 1:16:31 – 1:47min
Run 2 1:38:35 – 11.7kph (Time 22:04mins)

Bike definitely needs to improve – was averaging 32kph plus for most events last year – know its different when you’re not competing, but feel I’m down on what I’d hope to be doing. Run speed I know would be faster in an event as I’d push myself harder.



  1. Don’t wory about the bike times yet Steve – you are cycling in temps still at least 15 deg cooler than last year šŸ™‚

    I tried cemetary hill today – house and up Manton Lane down cemetary hill, back up it and home down Manton Lane again (nearly 3.5 miles on gmaps). Cold made me gasp for breath I think. Time ok surprisingly enough. Need to start building in reps around that area to see how I fade!

  2. Thanks for that Andy – not that much cooler than my first events – think the duathlon in MK was only about 8 degrees – certainly all the ice hadn’t yet melted – and I averaged 32kph for that one – it was similar temperature for my first two tri’s too, though it had warmed up a bit by the time I got to the run (when I’d probably have preferred it cooler!!)

    Good run re cemetery hill – I did it 5x full on up, gentle recovery down and round car park, several times last year – must do it again – don’t think I’ll do like Harriers did recently though – 25x as a pyramid – once – recovery – twice – recovery – 3x recovery 4x recovery 5x recovery 4x recovery 3x recovery 2x recovery 1x recovery – what a killer!

    Talking of pyramids though, I finally did my pyramid at gym with only 0.2kph reductions yesterday – yippeee – have been battling with that for so long…. do I go straight to 0.1 reductions or should I make a habit of the 0.2’s first???!!! We’ll see how strong I’m feeling next time!

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