Posted by: lepages | February 5, 2010

Training less…. better performance??!!

Well, since my last post on my training, things went pear shaped for a few days. From Wednesday 27th January till Monday 1st February – zilch! Best you could describe in terms of exercise was walking to appointments, church and rugby (to watch Bedford beat Cornish Pirates 19:16 – exciting match – not the class of the match against Nottingham, but exciting, entertaining stuff nonetheless and a pleasure to watch, even if longing for some extra points so the match wasn’t lost in the closing minutes!!)

Strange thing is, everything seems to have edged up a bit this week! Good stuff! Is it the product of a few days rest? Is it the product of eating unhealthy lunches? (Sausage sandwich Monday, left over meat pie Wednesday, bags of crisps with sandwiches other days, fried pineapple and bacon today – yum!!) Is it more sleep? Or is consistent gradual working at things just gradually improving my performance? Here’s hoping it continues to improve as I come to the Big Cow Winter Duathlon 2 weeks tomorrow!

Monday 1st February 2010
Went with Julie up to the gym mid afternoon. Went in the pool for half hour. Did some drills and a timed 400m at 8:38. Cereal bar, throw on some clothes and into the gym. Julie on the treadmill so went and joined her. Decided to attempt the 30min pyramid again 11.5-14.0-11.5kph in 2.5min steps with reductions of 0.2 at half kilometre and 2min intervals once over 12kph. Julie was going great guns next to me and completed her gradually increasing speed programme she’d been battling with for weeks! Was that my inspiration??!! Maybe! Where I had blown between 15 and 20 minutes as I’d begun the descent of the pyramid, on Monday I was comfortable for the first time ever. In fact by the time I got back to the 11.5s I was running comfortably without an overly high heart rate. Well chuffed. Question is, do I try and do it a few times as I did with 0.3 reductions, or do I go straight to just 0.1 reductions on the next time I come to the pyramid? Good core strength session on a bit of a high!!

Av. speed 12.4kph Dist 6.2km 1.2%incline 30mins

Tuesday 2nd February 2010
Traktors swimming session. Pyramid pattern at 400m pace. After warm up 8x50m with 15sec rests, 4x100m 15 sec rests, then did 400m timed at 8:34 -okay, surely I can get below 8:30 without drafting – last 2 lengths slowed a bit as came up behind someone else, 2 more 200m sets, then 4x100m sets to finish.

Wednesday 3rd February 2010
Mid-late pm Bike session – pleasing – definitely felt more comfortable and without pushing hard improved my average speed by over 0.5kph
Only a gentle breeze, so was that the reason though?
Route – Bromham – Stevington – Carlton – Harrold – Odell – Felmersham – Pavenham – Oakley – Bromham – QP home.
Dist. 34.4k Time 1:12:23 Av. speed 28.5kph Max 50kph

Thursday 4th February 2010
Late pm gym/swim
Did a comfortable 5k tempo run on treadmill 24:38 1.5%incline Av. speed 12.2kph, followed by core strength weights, stretches etc.
Pool busy. 4 slower folk in the water – had to wait till last was nearly to end of pool and first just arriving back to go for a 50m swim, and was just coming up on the last person at end of each circuit. Contented myself with doing 50m drils alternating with 50m front crawl.

Friday 5th February 2010
Late pm run.
Beautiful day – back to shorts and single layer top without gloves and hat – lovely as sun going down after a beautiful day. Went off on my favourite run – mixture of circa 50% tarmac paths & 50% hard track / grass (very wet and boggy at times) / real soft, slippy, sludgy mud! Wonderful stuff! Had decided was not going to push myself, but work on quick steps, and go at a tempo pace. Felt comfortable all the way round – lovely running in the cushioning of soggy grass and sludgy mud round Priory Park and the river! Really pleased because, aside from the pleasure of running round Priory and along the river I ran comfortably and maintained for me a high pace, which would definitely have been above tempo rate in the past – surprised that able to maintain the pace given the slippy conditions under (and over!!) foot for a good percentage of the run.
Dist. 10.9k Time 54:56 Av. speed 11.9kph

Hopefully out for a couple of hours on the bike tomorrow, if I get the necessary work done first!


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