Posted by: lepages | February 20, 2010

BigCow Duathlon 2010

Well, preparation for today’s event wasn’t the best. Coming off my bike 8 days before the event was not a good idea – bike in for service and repair – body dealing with some nasty sores, spectacular bruising and head aching following concussion incurred in the accident didn’t help training…. neither did a final acupuncture session on Monday dealing with my ongoing sciatica problem – was left feeling like I’d been punched in the back like 20 times…. Anyway, training for the week amounted to going to Traktors swimming session Tuesday night – warm up then 4x400m, then warm down – felt went well, and cleared my aching head. Wednesday, having reclaimed my bike from repair and servicing (excellent job by Transitions) – bike seems so smooth now would love to have the money for it to be serviced every few weeks!! 😉 – only had about an hour so went for a quick spin – Bromham – Stevington – Pavenham – Oakley – Bromham – QP Home. Pleasing ride – without pushing to max 24.7k in 46:23mins av speed 31.9kph. Great boost in prep for today.

Weather been looking questionable so glad today was going ahead though sad bike course reduced a little because of localised flooding and ice. Bright morning this morning. Jogged to church and back for prayer time to loosen the muscles up a bit and warm me up too. Great time of prayer, looking forward to our baptism service tomorrow. Home, check got everything one last time and off to the Bowl MK. Weather bright and cold – freezing when we left Bedford 1.5 degrees when we arrived at the bowl (warmed up through the morning – up to 5.5 by time we left). Anyway, opted for trisuit with long sleeve shirt and cycling jersey on top, with thin gloves. Nice and warm by time back from first run, stayed warm on bike, dispensed with gloves for second run – could have done with one less layer for second run – very warm.

So, how did it go?
Seemed to be struggling a bit on the first run – seemed hard going – wondered how I was going to do overall – thought about blaming last weeks accident – but as I came back from the lake towards the bowl and took a glance at my watch it was reading 16mins something or other – wasn’t sure exactly where I was at with that, but knew it was well over 12kph… so that was okish.

Into transition, gasping for fluid, struggle getting bike to mounting position – all I could do was hobble along as legs complained after standing still briefly… on to bike… slow start… but once on downhill quickly freed up – averaging 45+ on the downhill, 35ish along the flat at the back – speed up the incline varied on the 12 laps between around 32 on the good one, down to 26 one time when legs really complaining – dropped the gears and span easy towards transition on lap 12. Through T2 well, last swig of the bottle before off on the run. Seemed to get going okay, but after 100m or so calves started to tighten, felt sure I was going to get severe cramp – but took the advice of a couple of weeks ago at swimming of just fighting through and after around 400m it had eased off – running was hard going – had one chap ahead of me about 150-200m, didn’t catch him at all – 2 others caught me – one about half way through and shot past and then held position 50m behind the other gut, another chap blew me away in the final 400….. so results???

At the end of the day….. dead chuffed!!! My best performance yet!

Total time 1:03:19
4.5k run 0:18:40 (av 14.5kph – fastest ever for me! If I’d have done another 500m it would have blown my 5kpb to pieces!) – T101:18 – 13.2k Bike 0:23:21 (av33.9kph) – T2 01:08 – 4.2k run 0:18.49 (13.4kph)

Came 85th overall, out of 162, 22nd veteran out of 51, 56th on bike overall, 11th veteran. Pretty happy with that.

Compare with my results from last year
4.5k run 0:19:16 (av13.5kph) – T1 01:42 – 16k Bike 0:30:01 (av32kph) – T2 02:21 – 4.2k run 0:19.2449 (av12.6kph)

Looking forward to smashing last years sprint tri at Hampton Court on Easter Monday – providing I’m not too late to book in!


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