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Amusing story from a triathlete….

This is an editorial from Triathlete Europe magazine (great website too!) – hadn’t seen it before picking a copy up at the TCR event at Sandown Park – great magazine… wish I hadn’t subscribed to another mag just a few weeks ago…. anyway, enjoy!! Followed by notes on my appalling training…..

Editor’s Note Triathlete Europe February 2010 Ian Osborne

Since becoming a triathlete I have often found myself in weird predicaments. Whether its going to a race start as others fall out of night clubs, getting changed (read naked) in car parks, eating a diet of liquid sugar from a small foil wrapper for 10 hours + or learning to pee on a bike, there are always things that only triathletes could ever understand.

The latest incident wasn’t anything lewd, but was just as entertaining as the previous predicaments that our crazy sport has led me into. The other day I di my morning swim as usual. Nothing new or weird there. I said my usual hellos to the staff working at the pool and went about my set.

Following my session, I went to the nearby supermarket to buy some milk ready for a much deserved bowl of porridge. I went to the checkout and saw a member of staff who has served me many times at this early hour. We exchanged our usual pleasantries as I packed my milk and other goodies that had found their way into my basket.

It was after I’d paid that things took a turn for the bizzare. As the checkout lady handed me my change, she said: “I thought a New Year might mean a new start for you.” Finding the statement a little odd, I asked her to repeat what she had said in case I had misheard it.

She uttered the same words.

I was floored. My bamboozled and somewhat perplexed look forced her to explain. “You always come in here at this early hour buying food looking like death. Your eyes are all dark like you’ve been awake all night. I don’t mean to pry, but I thought you would have tried to give up your habits for the New Year.”

Once again my silence forced her to talk again, “And I hope you don’t mind me saying, but you do always smell a little odd, like chemicals.” It was then I realised what she was saying. She’d put two and two together and reached an amusing – yet alarming – conclusion. The dark rings around my eyes (courtesy of my goggles) and my post-pool chlorinated odour to her looked like signs of something far more worse than a tri habit.

As I started to explain, she gave me a look which said she didn’t want to hear my ‘excuses’. At this point I chuckled – much to her dismay – and I saw her face change from one of pity to a look of disgust. She left me with no choice.

I held my hands up and told her I was hooked on something and unfortunately it wasn’t something I’d be giving up anytime soon. In fact, the drug I was on was one that I loved and was certainly addicted to. Her usual kind face turned to an evil scowl. At this poit I stuffed my change in my pocket and took off ready for my porridge, high on life after another session.

As I drove home I realised that once again my tri addiction had landed me in a comical situation. It must often look strange to the outside world. After all, why would you willingly leap into a lake clad only in rubber when the water temperature is barely nudging 15 degrees C? Why would you voluntarily get up at 4am to race for up to 17 hours in one go? Why? Because you tasted tri life and you loved it. Like any addict, you can’t get enough. And I guess until my goggles stop creating big rings around my eyes and I find a shower gel that nukes chlorine, I will continue to look like a different type of addict at least three or four times a week.

Enjoy your sessions and remember: as good as you might feel with endorphins coursing around your body post session, you might not look as great.

Well, I don’t measure up to that kind of training. My priority is always spending time with God first, and first thing in the morning is the best time for me, so training doesn’t happen then often! Result is scheduled plans don’t work out with other things that come up as the day goes on.

Last week has been hard. Recovery from the duathlon last weekend was longer than I realised – was surprised on Monday when I went for a gym session before going off to Life in the Spirit conference to find that it was really hard to do a straight 5k run at my usual comfortable 12kph on the treadmill…. admittedly this was after attempting some other stuff for a gym challenge – 1250m row, 4:58 – 30 push ups – 30 tricep dips (boy that has to be the hardest exercise I’ve done – can’t do 30 straight… or push ups for that matter!) – 30 squats and 30 sit ups.

Tuesday afternoon, up in Derbyshire I went out for a hilly run, and hilly run is a different thing to the same term in Bedford! Ran comfortably, apart from the struggle on the long uphills! 8.3k 43:54 Av. 11.3kph. Followed up with prep for the gym challenge 3×10 sets press ups 3×10 sets of agonising tricep dips, 30 squats and 30 sitsups (hard for last 10)

Wednesday never got to do anything.

Thursday, in the morning did the above gym challenge stuff followed by some other core stuff including 10 20sec planks – ouch!

Friday swim/gym. Pool empty. šŸ™‚ Only had 30mins before pool was taken for lessons. Opted for series of drills which felt went okay.
In to gym, feeling drained, felt in need of energy supply, but didn’t have anything to eat. 15mins cross trainer, 1250m row 5:13 (felt really hard going…) Treadmill intervals – set it to 2% incline as per the gym challenge – found it so hard doing minutes at 15kph then 12kph on the incline – survived the 15mins just. Core stuff following, combined with prep for gym challenge. Front/back lunges, press ups, sit ups and squats on Bosu ball – amazing how my co-ordination falls apart, particularly on the front back lunges when using the ball!

Zilch training over the weekend. Busy morning Saturday preparing for church today, stewarding at rugby in afternoon – Bedford won, but disappointing game – first 5mins thought we were in for a cracker – and then it got messy…. as for England:Ireland – entertaining match, but gutting result…. šŸ˜¦

Today preaching at church (notes to follow in a future post!) followed by lunch and annual church meeting. Drained out afterwards. Chat with family back home, then food and chill for the evening.

Bring on tomorrow. First attempt at the Gym Challenge – 1000m 2% incline on treadmill, 1250m row, 30 press ups, 30 tricep dips, 30 squats, 30 sit ups. What time will I achieve…….!


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