Posted by: lepages | March 7, 2010

Training diary update

Last Monday was my first attempt at our gym’s latest challenge – 3 levels to choose from – straight in at level 3 to set the bench mark. Continuous event – 1k on the treadmill at 2% incline, 1250m on the rowing machine, 30 press-ups, 30 tricep-dips, 30 sit-ups and 30 squats.

Pushed the speed on the treadmill straight to 15kph – coped just about with that (time just over 4mins) – struggle getting off to the rower, went off strong at sub 1:50 per 500m, but soon tiring, after about 500 couldn’t hold a 2:00 pace and by 800m struggling to keep going at below 2:15… effort just to finish (circa 5:13 I think), staggered over to mat for exercises – went for 3 sets of 10 – survived – tricep dips killed – 3 sets of 10 again – went for it with the press ups – 20, break, 8 and final 2, then up for quick 30 squats – felt like an easy finish. Was targeting sub-20mins – clocked 16:54. Hope by end of month to break 16. Aim tomorrow to get down to 16:30 – treadmill notch up 0.1kph, rower take it steady at just under 2:00/500m pace and hopefully maintain throughout, then go for 15sets with less rest time.

Tuesday was a surprise at Traktors swim session. First Tuesday of month means 400m time trial. Chief chappie Steve Young decided to come in our lane and do some pacing work with us. He led way after a 400m warm-up and we did 4 sets of 100m at 10secs above race pace with 5sec rest – target was 2mins, but we ended up doing circa 1:50. Come to the 400m tt after a rest – Steve set off, said he’d go a fast 100 then settle pace back a bit. As before I went off 5secs back – kept distance ok for first 100 and then gradually began to drop back, thought I was going to end up with my normal average pace of around 8:30 as I slowed on last 100 especially. Last month’s time was 8:34. Was blown away when Steve said I’d clocked 7:48. Dead chuffed given this time last year 10:15 was a good time for me, and I had been struggling for months around the 8.45 – 8.30 mark.

Finished off the session playing with a clicker under a swim hat – interesting potential for working out the actual rate at which I’m swimming at which I really struggle to know.

Wednesday really busy day and no training.

Thursday gym/swim session. 5k comfortable run 2% incline on treadmill – mostly at 12kph with a couple of short 15kph bursts. 1250m row circa 5:08 followed by some core work and weights before into the pool. 200m warm up, then 100m @ catch-up, single-arm, touch, 200m pull buoy, 100m kick-board – lane busy now and kept catching up on one person so opted for 5x50m sprints circa 1:50-55 each time. Warm down.

Friday, another very busy day – contemplated a run late pm but just couldn’t be bothered, knowing I had a meeting in the evening and needed to get my head straight for then.

Saturday, was first pleasant bike out with others in ages. Got to Borough Hall early so spent time doing some pedalling, out of the saddle, round the car park. Total ride distance door to door 59.34k – time on the bike 2:24:58 – giving an average speed of 24.5kph – max on ride was 52.6kph – ride was Goldington – Renhold – Ravensden – Bolnhurst – Thurleigh – Sharnbrook – Odell – Harrold – Carlton – Pavenham – Oakley – Bromham – Home. Pushed firm up the slopes and along some of smooth flat sections. One member of group blew on the return journey from Harrold, so had to pace him home. Taking the 25mins initial to starting point and round car park (circa 7k) out of the equation gives an average speed of 26kph. Happy with that given slow return on the homeward stretch.


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