Posted by: lepages | March 17, 2010

Training update…

Intermittent as usual, but some fun!

Monday 8th up to the gym for a second go at the gym challenge – smashed previous time of 16:54 down to 14:34 – all about thinking about what you’re doing. Pushed treadmill a bit harder 1000m 2%incline, pushed speed straight up to 15.5kph, rowing machine paced myself much better and kept circa 2:00 – 2:05 pace completing the 1250m in just over 5mins – 30 press-ups, 30 tricep-dips, 30 sit-ups, 30 squats – went at them faster, deliberately going for 2 sets on each. Pleased with result. Did bit of low level interval training on treadmill afterwards.

Tuesday 9th – very busy day and evening – no training

Wednesday 10th – run – favourite route along river and wide route round Priory Park – very muddy and slippy along back of river at Priory – love it! 15min easy warm up, 2x10mins hard with 5mins easy inbetween, then easy run home. 11k 57:40 av.11.4kph

Thursday 11th – hard swim session, followed by gym workout
2x (50m front crawl/50m kick board/50m pull buoy/50m front crawl)
2x (50m fc / 25m backstroke / 25m fc)
2x (50m fc / 25m breaststroke / 25m fc)
1x 400m fc (8:53…. felt faster than that!! Jolly hard work!)
4x 100m fc (1:55/2:00/2:05/2:10)
50m easy fc and 50m sculling
Gym 10mins hard bike, then core/weights workout

Friday/Saturday/Sunday….. no training – full days and nights Friday / Saturday – Sunday – much needed rest after busy week and preaching in the morning!

Monday 15th Brick session
Bike – Bromham – Stevington – Carlton – Harrold – Odell – Felmersham – Pavenham – Oakley – Bromham – QP home.
20mins easy into strong breeze – hard 20mins from Stevington Cross to bend before Felmersham – 15mins into breeze, 5mins following – distance 10k giving av. speed of 30kph including long traffic light stop! 7mins easy through Felmersham then 10mins hard with following breeze (love it!!) from top of hill at Felmersham, through Pavenham and Oakley, to edge of Bromham – lovely going along flat at 40-45kph! 6.3k giving av. speed of 37.8kph
Total bike distance 34.32k Av. 29.2kph Mx 50.3kph
Reasonably pleasing given the amount of ‘easy’ time and the length of time into quite a strong head breeze.
Bike in front door. Quick change of shoes and out for 30min run. Legs felt like lead. Didn’t push hard, but good quick steps. Along river to end of Embankment and back – stopped running on 30mins at bottom of Slipe – total run distance just over 6k giving a surprisingly pleasing av. of just over 12kph

Tuesday 16th Swim gym session
Very different session
400m easy
4x100m (25m fc / 25m backstroke / 25m breaststroke / 25m fc)
8x 50m (alternating 50m sprint, 50m easy)
25m kick 50m fc 25m kick 50m fc
100m easy
50m scull
Pool busy so rests irregular in length or not taken.
Thought it was quite a fun session, until I went into the gym to do some core strength and weights work – boy did my legs ache!

Full day today – no training – look forward to hopefully doing some tomorrow.


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