Posted by: lepages | April 2, 2010

Good Friday – yes it is!!

Ages since I’ve blogged! Life has been so busy! Been out at meetings of various forms just about every night. Been celebrating birthdays – an 18th, and specially last weekend our daughter’s 21st! What a busy weekend and what a delight to have my Mum and sister over from Guernsey and be able to spend a little time with them.

So time since my last blog has been full, and the little bit of space has been taken up with training!

So here we are, Good Friday! What a fabulous day – a day when we can stop and remember the events of that first Good Friday which enables us to have a bank holiday now (unless you’re in Christian ministry or working in a shop or….. who on earth actually gets a ‘bank holiday’ these days? [I know some do, because there was so many people wondering around town inspite of the cold weather!])

We had a great time with our Act of Witness in Harpur Square

except the square wasn’t empty like that – possibly our largest crowd yet – I estimate 12-1500 people joining to celebrate the incredible sacrifice Jesus made to enable us to be adopted as God’s children and come to know him as our own loving Father.

A huge variety of folk shared in leading us through. The Salvation Army led us in our opening and closing hymns, Bedford Pentecostal Church in our other worship. Canon John Pedlar from St Pauls led our opening prayers and Father Seamus from St Josephs our concluding ones. The Mayor of Bedford, Dave Hodgson and Cassandra Howes, Chaplain to the University of Bedfordshire led us in our Bible readings. Newlife Christian Fellowship led a Punjabi worship song and Rupert Hankey, Curate from St John and St Leonard led us in proclaiming the glorious truth of new life through faith in the sacrifice of Christ on the cross. Folk from Newlife Fellowship filmed the event and there’s a possibility that it will appear on Glory TV

Praise God, the rain held off for the whole event. It was cold though! Julie and me went off to spend some Tesco vouchers at Pizza Express and warm up before coming home.

A Good Friday and now the sun has come out too! Roll on Easter Day – looking forward to preaching then – some more prep to do tomorrow, but feel I know where God wants me to go in my preaching. I’ll post my notes from preaching on Palm Sunday in a separate post.

Loads of reflections to come, then my notes from this coming Easter Sunday, then there’s a training diary, anticipation for my first sprint triathlon of the year on Easter Monday, news of an incredible competition prize I’ve won and more….

All for now. I’ll post my Palm Sunday notes in a separate post.


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