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Countdown…. to tri… and special training session!!!

In my estimation as I type its now about 37 hours to my first triathlon of the year! So looking forward to it, but then, so am I looking forward to church tomorrow as we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus and the new life he gives! Will try and post my sermon notes and wish all readers a Happy Easter tomorrow!!

On Monday I’m repeating my first tri which I did on Easter Monday last year. Its the Thames Turbo sprint tri – a 426m swim in a heated outdoor pool – 21k bike and 5k run. I did it twice last year – the first time on Easter Monday I clocked a time of 1:19 something – reasonably pleasing for a first attempt – on the May bank holiday I took 3 minutes off the time and did it in 1:16 something. Would like to think I can take at least another 3mins off my time – target is 1:12 something -we’ll see!!

Training hasn’t been everything I would have hoped, but swimming has improved big time, and I think I can probably go a bit quicker on both the bike and run.

Weird thing is whilst we have to leave bright and early to register, I’ve then got a long wait before I get to go! Of 495 competitors I go off as 493…. those either side of me are all younger than me…. will I be the last person to finish??!! Not if I have my way! Talk about a motivation – definitely don’t want to be last man home!!

So what’s been happening on the training front since I last posted?
From my diary notes… and I may possibly have missed out 1/2 sessions….

Friday 19th March 2010
Swim:Bike session

Swim –
Warm up (WU) 200m front crawl (FC) 200m pull buoy (PB)
200m as (100m FC 50m back stroke (BK) 50m FC)
200m as (100m FC 50m breast stroke (BR) 50m FC)
400m hard (8:36)
2x200m hard (4.05 4.35)
Warm down (WD) 200m FC easy
Bike –
straight out from swim – bit cool – got cooler as started to spit going into the breeze – Hillgrounds – Box End – Stagsden – Stevington – Carlton – Chellington – Felmersham – Pavenham – Oakley – Bromham – QP home.
10mins easy – 14mins hard – turn off by Box End to half way up hill past Stagsden – easy to house on road to Stevington – hard 13mins to Chellington turn at Carlton – easy 2mins up hill, started hard again but found wheels now starting to slip on greasy roads – after a couple of stops to check nothing wrong with bike, opted for easy pedal home.
Time 1:23:27 Dist 39.26k Av 28.2kph Mx 56.4kph.
1st interval 6.6k 28.3kph
2nd interval 6.9k 31.8kph
Both intervals largely into breeze and both with steep hills (long by Bedford standards!)

Tuesday 23rd March 2010
Gym:Swim session

5k treadmill run – gradually increasing speed from 12kph to 15kph at end Av 12.7kph Time 23:34
Weights and core work
Swim –
WU 200m FC 200m PB
2x250m (100m FC 50m BK 50m BR 50m FC)
4x100m (2.05/2.25/2.10/2.25)
WD 200m easy FC

Wednesday 24th March 2010

Bike – steady moderate intensity, pushing up hills.
Bromham – Stevington – Carlton – Harrold – Odell – Felmersham – Pavenham – Oakley – Bromham – QP home
Great conditions – warm – lovely!! Hot and sweaty in a trisuit!
Time 1:04:38 Dist. 34:24 Av. 31.8kph Mx 49.6kph

Straight out onto run – moderate intensity – amazed to find doing in 30mins virtually exactly the same distance as last time – just over 6k.

No training for 5 days!

Tuesday 30th March 2010
You can tell effect of no exercise for 5 days… everything was hard in gym, though swim wasn’t too bad.
16mins intervals on treadmill – 1min intervals between 12 & 14kph.
Core strength and weights felt hard.
Didn’t record my swim details.

Wednesday 31st March 2010
Bike – short interval session
Time 53:19 Dist 24.68k Av 27.8kph Mx 47.5kph
10 mins easy WU – 6x3mins hard 2mins easy – 13mins easy home

When I got home, went online to check emails and send a few – shocked to find that courtesy of Triathlete’s World magazine and Taut, I had won a days training with Hollie Avil! How awesome is that! Don’t know when it’ll be yet, but am so looking forward to the privilege of meeting a world champion (World U23 triathlon champion 2009) – and a bit fearful of how I’m going to die spending a day training with her – well we’ll get the tri on Monday out of the way first!!

Thursday 1st April 2010

Swim –
400m easy WU
8x50m hard (20sec rests) 50secs 1st time 55secs for 5/6 times 57 for 6/7 time 59 for last time
400m as 25m kickboard 50mFC alternating
200m easy WD

started 30mins pyramid on treadmill 11.5kph – 14kph in 2.5min intervals – felt could have done it okay, but opted not to as knew it would be hard and I am supposed to be tapering for Monday! Followed all way for intervals going up, but then dropped off faster on the other side of the pyramid.
No time for core work.

Good Friday – was hoping for a gentle spin on the bike in the afternoon – weather got wet and decided couldn’t be bothered!

Cleaning, lubricating, checking out the bike! Meant to say, bought new goggles on Thursday – lovely to see without fogging!!

Tomorrow – Happy Easter – preach at church and see God at work in people’s lives – put preach notes online – follow Bedford Blues in away match to Cornish Pirates – sort gear for competition – pack car and early to bed ready for a 4am rise Monday morning!


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