Posted by: lepages | April 17, 2010

Training Diary update…

Intermittent as usual!!

Turns out the sore throat and cough I faced at my tri on Easter Monday were just the first stages of a really heavy cold…. went through so many packets of tissues that week….. anyway that aside hadn’t fully come on on Tuesday the day after tri – had a meeting in Northampton and legs felt fine after a night’s sleep – beautiful morning so opted for easy commute ride to Northampton and back. Journey over following side wind most of way Dist. 40k Time 1:27 Av. 27kph Mx 51.2kph. Return journey head side wind most of the way Dist. 40k Time 1:37 Av. 24.7kph Mx 52.8kph

Next few days really full of the cold and didn’t do anything on the training front – busy preparing for a wedding on the Friday – and praying cold would clear for conducting the service – delighted it did! And what a beautiful day it was for the wedding too!

Saturday 10th April, was feeling better and thinking of getting out on the bike again – was walking home from prayer time at church when saw Ange heading off – found out they were heading over to the Bowl at MK – so home, quick change, phone call and met up with them enroute – great easy ride there just drafting behind Mark most of the way – lovely – realised by 10.45 and an hour out that I needed to turn round and head back…. didn’t find my way back same way though! Thought I’d got on road back by Cranfield Airfield, but somehow missed a turn and ended up back at J13 – decided to go across and head towards Millbrook/Ampthill on the A507 – saw a turning for Lidlington and thought I’d be able to get through to Stewartby from there…. but came out at Marston Moretaine…. and back at busy A421… thought I could cross over to Wootton…. but all roads closed…. đŸ˜¦ – had to follow road through to Kempston and home – quick shower and out for a brilliant afternoon of rugby, seeing the Blues soundly beat Cornish Pirates 42:18, followed by watching the Colts U19’s utterly trash the RAF U23’s! Returned home with a very red head!! (Now peeling!!)

Anyway, total bike time 2:10, dist. 66k, av. speed 30.5kph – pleasing as wasn’t pushing it, just enjoying a good steady ride.

Monday 11th April was a great day off, but a busy one – making most of improving weather. In the morning discovered our first baby cockatiel of the year had hatched – think as I type we now have 3 pairs with babies – though haven’t seen any yet – all being well protected by their parents so far! After feeding birds, cleaned out aviaries, then dug our veg patch prior to planting potatoes, carrots, spinach and a variety of lettuces and rocket. Off to the gym in the afternoon, but already tired! 10mins hard on the bike, 5k run on the treadmill – gradually increasing pace for 2nd half from 12kph – 15kph to finish on a 1.5% incline. Av. 12.2kph; Crosstrainer 15mins 150 – 230 watts intervals – struggled to keep heart rate down throughout. Little core work, but had to go to collect Helen from work. Evening spent doing some ironing, chatting with a friend who called round, whilst watching Tour of Turkey on Eurosport.

Tuesday 13th April, busy day and no training.

Wednesday 14th April- gym/swim session – good time.
Started with 5k intervals on treadmill – alternating from 12kph to either 14 or 15kph – completed 5k in 23:29 giving an average of 12.9kph, without feeling unduly stressed – good. So much better than last session at gym. Followed with some core strength and weight work – picked up some fun new things to do with the Swiss ball in terms of core strength/weights and with Bosu ball for planks. From there in for swim. 2 fast girls to give way to and one slow guy to hold back from.
WU 50m FC 50m BR 50m BK 50m FC
Main 4x100m FC 60sec rests 1:55/1:57/1:57/1:59
8x50m PB 30sec rests 55-57 variable
WD 100m KB 100m easy FC 50m scull

Thursday 15th April
Short bike interval session – Bromham – Stevington – Pavenham – Oakley – Bromham – QP home.
10mins easy WU 6x3mins hard 2mins easy
1. Top Bromham hill to bit past Oakley turn av38kph
2. Part way up hill before Stevington to half way up Stevington hill av34kph
3. Stevington Baptist to near Carlton turn 35kph
4. Drop to Pavenham to near turn at end of straight 39kph
5. Straight into Oakley to near Lincroft 32kph
6. Oakley bridge to Bromham 90 degree bend 32kph
Easy home
Time 48:55 Dist 24.73k Av 30.3kph Mx 51.2kph

Friday 16th April – busy day, no training

Saturday 17th April – big family do at Carlton Village Hall/School – lovely day – took opportunity for a steady ride there and back.
Ride there Bromham – Oakley – Pavenham – Carlton Dist 16k Time 31mins Av 30.9kph
Ride home – Carlton – Turvey – Newton Blossomville – Astwood – Cranfield – Wootton – Box End – Great Denham – QP home.
Start of journey home felt difficult, legs feeling lethargic – probably stuffed too much food! But loosened up gradually and by time got to Cranfield going well – following breeze made for a great ride from there to Wootton – reached 62.2kph going down hill out of Cranfield and kept pace high to Wootton – over 40 most of the way, high 30’s going up the few short slopes.
Time for return journey 1:05:27 Dist. 34.72k Av. 31.8kph.
Recognise this is aided by prevailing wind for large part, but pleasing as wasn’t pushing hard, just enjoying.

Off to bed now to sleep ready for preach tomorrow – really looking forward to that… will try and post notes soon.


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