Posted by: lepages | April 25, 2010

Training diary update and countdown…..

Well, I’ve got my date for my training day with Hollie Avil – 19 days to go! Hope I survive to blog again!

Also got myself registered for my first Olympic distance triathlon – the Dambuster at Rutland Water – really great to have something to be working towards, but have had a great week of training too – not that my performance has been necessarily brilliant, but having a freer week has given time for more training, much of which has been an absolute pleasure!

Monday 19th April
Gym session – strange, didn’t feel like doing this – got to the gym and thought ‘why am I here?’ Felt like just going home and dossing… Anyway began with 10mins on the static bike to start off – level 9 – holding a cadence of around 100 and wattage of around 227. The lack of motivation gradually replaced with the enjoyment of exercise, but chose not to push to limits…
From the bike to the treadmill – set up for the pyramid session – went on the up side fine 2 1/2min intervals at 11.5/12/12.5/13/13.5/14kph, but motivation lacking for the hard part of the down side of the pyramid – ended up doing a more interval type session on the drop, dropping to 11.5 every time I felt drained until the prog moved me back to what I was supposed to be on! Result 30mins run, 6.2k with an av. speed 12.2kph.
Followed this with a good core strength and weights session.

Tuesday 20th April
Good swim session with Traktors Didn’t really note down everything in terms of times etc. Did 10mins warm up then it was 8x100m hard with 5sec rests. Followed with continued 100m sessions at tempo pace with 10sec rests – think probably did 10 more, but lost count (forgot to count!! πŸ˜‰ ) at some point.
Felt a good hard, endurance session.

Wednesday 21st April
Easy ride out with Lee to go round the two Beds Road CC evening league TT courses. Beautiful evening, albeit a bit cool! Loved the glory of God’s creation all around. Routes seemed pretty good too. Enjoyed it and great company. High point was coming down so called ‘Bunny Lane’, to be faced with 2 huge great buzzards in the middle of the lane having their evening meal of fresh bunny!! Wonderful stuff – felt really privileged to see these beautiful, majestic birds so close – hadn’t realised they were so big from seeing them soaring in the sky!
Picture below not as elegant as the birds we saw.

Time out 1:55 Total distance 50.94k Av. speed 26.5kph Mx 60.3kph

Thursday 22nd April
Late afternoon out for an intervals run session around my favourite route along the river and round Priory Park. Carefully noted my positions at my interval points and then high level gmaps pedometer to work out distances and speeds in the allotted time intervals
10mins easy warm up 1.8k 10.8kph
5mins tempo 0.99k 11.9kph
2mins hard 0.46k 13.8kph
2mins jog 0.33k 9.9kph
2mins hard 0.56k 16.8kph
2mins jog 0.29k 8.7kph
2mins hard 0.5k 15kph
2mins jog 0.26k 7.8kph
2mins hard 0.55k 16.5kph
2mins jog 0.31k 9.3kph
2mins hard 0.48k 14.4kph
2mins jog 0.30k 9kph
23:57 easy run home 4k 10kph

Felt absolutely shattered after the intervals – was all I could do just to keep plodding along until I got home. Pleased with the intervals, even if they killed me! Total time 58:57 Distance 10.9k Av 11kph

Friday 23rd April
Hilly ride with Ange and Amy – they said they were going out for an ‘easy ride’…. wouldn’t like to go out with them for a hard ride!! Forgot to reset my cycle computer, but from memory think Ange said we were out for 1:07, distance of 22/23 miles with av. speed of 18/19mph From memory route Bromham – Oakley – Pavenham – Felmersham – Chellington – Carlton – Stevington – Stagsden – Wootton – Box End – Bromham. Enjoyed some great race tactic play on the hills (once I sussed that was what Amy was up to!!) Attacked biggest hill after crossing 428 at Stagsden in quite a high gear – Ange shouted something – thought what the hecks up, slowed and looked back – lost rhythm and struggled to the top – turned out Amy did same – Ange had been shouting encouragement to her to take me out before the top! Stopped at the Swan for a refreshing shandy – by time drunk it felt so cold sitting in the garden, start of bike into breeze home was so cold! But an enjoyable night. Followed by church cleaning for a good warm down session. πŸ˜‰

Saturday 24th April
Early start for first open water swim of the year at Box End – beautiful morning for it, sun shining – bit unnerving driving over at 1/4 to 7 to have temp. gauge in the car suddenly flag up 4degrees!!! Brrrr!!!!
Wondered whether there’d be the required 4 for the first swim at 7am – needn’t have worried – 2 other guys booking in when I arrived – got to the changing rooms and there was 8-10 already half prepared to go into the water.

Coldest bit was walking down to the water – the boards were so cold on the feet! Into the water, sharp intake of breath as the water swept in, but soon warmed up once we were moving! Forgot to check watch time – was soon left miles behind by others, but really enjoyed a twice around, circa 1600m. Lovely!

Out, shower, food and drink and off to prayer time at church – great time.

Home, quick change into bike gear, grab some more food and out for another really pleasant bike – steady work with Ange. Worked well for circa hour 30 with following breeze – fascinating doing roads you’re familiar with but doing them the other way round – but then both our legs were tiring and 3/4 hour or so heading back home into breeze was taken a little easier.

Route:- Bromham, Box End, Wootton, Cranfield, Astwood, Newton Blossomville, Turvey, Carlton, Chellington, Felmersham, Sharnbrook, Thurleigh, Ravensden, Graves Lane, Cleat Hill, Home (avoiding stupid woman who overtook us with left indicator out and then stopped in road in front of us! Grrrrr….)
Distance 62.08k Time 2:10 Av. 28.5kph Mx 56.6kph

Followed by a lovely afternoon out at Stevington Mill for a bbq with the Kerr clan.

A great day.


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