Posted by: lepages | May 7, 2010

7 days to go….

Do I feel ready for this? Nope!
Am I looking forward to it? YES!!!!

As I write this Hollie Avil is in Seoul, Korea, preparing for the ITU World Championship this weekend – think if I read the site correctly she could be off in about 4 hours time…. which is I think 10am Saturday in Korean time…. but I could quite easily have misunderstood the details!!

Hope she does better than I did on my first Evening League 10mile TT last night!!

I was off 1 minute after Jenni – knowing her previous PB of 30:50 I was expecting to catch her – but warming up I thought, ‘boy, she’s in good form’ – found when I set off that my legs were aching big time – quads killing me big time – must have been the effect of the hills the previous day (more of that in a bit!). As I came to the bottom of Hillfoot I saw Jen near the top, when I got to the top she was out of sight – didn’t see her again till the back straight, by the time I got to Bunny Lane, no sign of her – struggled going along there – legs really killing as I came to the little bridge – struggle to come back to top of Hillfoot -passed at speed as I started to descend by someone who started 3mins down on me…. wow!! As I came to bottom could see Jen again for a few seconds and then she was out of sight till after race finished. Struggled on flat at bottom with strong cross head wind – found the wind hard all evening – I don’t like wind! Didn’t know what time I’d get, but was hoping for 27/28 – disappointed with 29:05, but guess I can improve in future weeks… if I can book an early start so I can get home, shower and get out to our church cell group meeting. Jen beat me by 1sec 29:04 – well done Jen!

Working backwards then for my training diary – on Wednesday 5th I met up with Jez at Rutland Water – beautiful place – worth a visit– to have a go around the Damnbuster tri bike course. Surprised its on quite busy roads – but they’re great roads! Good surface – lots of opportunities for speed along the way – lots of opportunities to kill yourself on some big (compared to Bedford!!) hills – huge shock for the legs going from speeding down steep hills, to spinning low gears back up the immediate steep climb on the other side after you hit the bottom of the dip! Apparently known as the Rutland Ripple – 3 up and downs one after another – reminds me of our church logo for Rutland Road Church!! Enjoyable ride out – wasn’t conscious of pushing it hard – but it did affect me – noticed my legs aching Thursday morning.

Which takes me back to Tuesday 4th May and my first gym session in a week – a good session overall – first time I’ve done everything on my key programme in ages, albeit edging some things up a bit. Started with 16mins intervals on treadmill – 1minute intervals alternating between 12kph and 16kph. Went comfortably. Followed with lunges back and front with Bosu ball – hard going – and then pain doing leg extensions and flexions. Further weights – shoulder press and lateral raises on the Swiss ball, then planks with Bosu ball. 15mins on cross trainer with gradually increasing levels 10-12-14 for 5mins at a time. Heart rate started at 120-130 gradually going up to circa 140’s – 150’s. From there to 10mins on stationary bike holding a steady 250 watts – kept pretty constant cadence circa 93/4. heart rate maxed at 171, but felt comfortable throughout, albeit legs aching a bit!

Monday 3rd May – no training – enjoyed watching others slogging it out in the bike racing at Millbrook – brilliant place – wished I had my bike there and was able to explore some of the steep hills, or go round the central circuit. Instead an absolute pleasure watching friends racing, and seeing the performance of some of the elite ladies.

Previous week was really busy and saw little training.
Saturday 1st May I got two laps in at Box End lake – 35mins – same as previous visit on the Tuesday, except then I went on to do a third lap… which took 19mins.

The day before, Monday 26th April had been a gym visit.. but no notes about it so can’t remember now what I did.

What to do in the next week before my training day with Hollie Avil?
Don’t want to arrive smashed before I start!


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