Posted by: lepages | May 10, 2010

Unknown time to go…. :-(

Well, had a phone call today to say my training day with Hollie Avil was going to have to be postponed…. poor girl has been admitted to hospital in Seoul, Korea with gastroenteritis – she’s recovering, but her flight home has had to be delayed, and forward planning says best to rearrange re Friday. Hope she recovers quickly – really rough to end up in hospital on the other side of the world – she feels it explains her performance in the World Championship event….. she only came 22nd in the world….. reminds me of my sprint tri in Hampton when I was hoping to take 3mins off my time and only managed 30secs…. and I was going down with a rough cold at the time…

Anyway, good 2 days of exercise. Got a text yesterday afternoon saying biking for a couple of hours from 3.30pm. Pleasant afternoon so thought ‘up for that’ – gradually picked up folk and Paul led the way from Cardington – aim 40 -50 miles – be a little longer than 2 hours, but thought, not too much longer – in the end we were out for nearly 3 1/2 hours cycling time and clocked over 60 miles. Lovely time. New roads – have attempted to plot route – but its not quite right – sure we crossed A1 there and back and went through Great Wymondley – but can’t find that on the map!! I know we went through Whitwell, stopped briefly in Hitchin, went through Stotfold and Clifton. Some lovely roads; some beautiful scenery and some great company. Anyway, info from cycle computer – total cycling time 3hours 25mins distance 94.74k Av. speed 27.6kph Mx 59.1kph

Had a lovely day today. Easy start to day – slept well last night!!
Up and see to birds, clean out aviaries and nestboxes – young cockatiels growing big now – hopefully the first ones will flight before we head over to Guernsey, but I’m sure Helen is going to have the pleasure of seeing young birds flighting whilst we are away next week – some lovely looking youngsters!

After seeing to the birds I assembled our new hover mower and cut the lawn before doing some other tidying up in the garden. Potted out my tomato seedlings. Glad to see most of my veggies are showing now – potatoes starting to show, and carrots and a variety of salad leaves.

Early lunch then off for a big Tescos shop before going to gym. Pleasing afternoon at gym. Observed my memory key had me on my treadmill pyramid…. uh oh… how would I do…. knew I didn’t need to worry about taking it easy with session with Hollie in mind now, so thought I’d give it a go… but conscious legs feeling a little tired following yesterdays bike ride.

10mins warm up on static bike – level 9 cadence around 90 – watts circa 200. On to the treadmill 1.5% incline 11.5kph for 5mins – first couple of minutes felt hard but then began to loosen up – steps up ok 2 1/2min intervals 12kph-12.5-13.0-13.5-14.0 – drops down hard but kept telling myself only so long to next drop… and it worked – 2 1/2min intervals down 13.5-13.0-12.5, then 11.5 for final 5mins. Happy! Av. speed over 30mins 12.5kph. Think it was just under 6.3k in the 30mins. On to some core strength work and weights. All seemed to go okay. Pleasing afternoon and day.

Now need to think what I do in training this week as circumstances changed!


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