Posted by: lepages | May 30, 2010

A brilliant holiday (Part 1!)

We had a brilliant holiday over in my homeland of Guernsey!
It started with flying over with Aurigny

What a joy to fly with a company that still values customer service! Checking in at Gatwick was a friendly, relaxed experience! Not the usual sense of officialdom just doing its job! The pilot was relaxed and sounded like he was chatting with a bunch of friends as he let us know about the flight ahead and weather conditions in Guernsey. Brilliant! Add to that, no hidden extras when booking the flight online – 20kg of baggage included in the flight cost – not added on – and then on the flight a free copy of the Guernsey Press to read as you fly over, along with a free soft drink, hot or cold. Brilliant.

The flight over was fantastic – we flew over Alderney and were able to get a fantastic view of the island as we did so – better than this pic – sadly my camera was out of reach at the time!

We then flew over Herm with again fantastic views of Herm below and of Sark a little bit further away – really regretted not having the camera out. 😦

These images don’t do justice to the beauty seen as we flew in.

Interestingly we took off a couple of minutes early, just after 3.30pm and amazingly were walking out of the airport inside an hour with our baggage collected. Wonderful!

And wonderful to be greeted by my Mum and then to see Dad at home, along with Mollie their dog, jumping about happy to see us. My sister Jo and brother-in-law Andy came and joined us for tea, which was really great.

The busyness of the previous week overwhelmed me as the evening went on and as I relaxed – it was all I could do to stay awake watching some of the Giro d’Italia on Eurosport Slept well that night. Sadly Julie didn’t sleep quite so well…. apparently someone was snoring very loudly!! (Can’t imagine who that could’ve been… 😉 )

One of the joys of holiday time was plenty of time to spend with God, plenty of time to enjoy the wonder of his creation, and plenty of time to get some training in as well. Perhaps some of my notes from my time with God will find their way into a Reflections blog in due course.

Really enjoyed going running in the beauty of Guernsey and swimming in the sea. First day went for a run-swim-run to Petit Bot – beautiful run down through the woods – went back for a walk later in the day with Julie, Dad and Mollie – photos below.

Run distance 2.43k – time there 12:24 – av. speed 11.7kph – a lot of downhill off road on rough tracks. Quick change into wetsuit, 15-20mins swim then run back same route home – stopped for a minute to chat with a couple who had observed me swimming whilst walking their dog on the cliffs – run back in 13:56 – up hill mostly including time chatting – pleased to have maintained that time.

So photos from first day, mostly in Petit Bot woods – full of fantastic Bluebell displays.

Posting now as going out to some lovely friends for food. Will edit and add more pics later.

Some more pics from the beautiful Bluebell filled woods in Petit Bot, Guernsey.



  1. Ahhh! You make me homesick! Thanks for the photos of the bluebells – my absolute favourite time and place! So pleased you had such a lovely and blessed time. Uncle John is coming home on Tuesday by stretcher/ambulance and Annie is arriving for three days tomorrow lunch-time, so I am looking forward to both! I don’t know how long John will be with us, but if we can make his last days happy, then that is fine. He will soon be with his Lord. Keep us upheld in prayer please as the hospital has withdrawn a lot of John’s drugs and which I have at home and know they will help him, but I don’t want to prolong his departing if it means he is in distress. I’m finding it very hard at present, but when I felt lonely the other day the words from “Footprints” came to mind, that when there was only one set of prints – that Jesus said, was when He was carrying us!
    Love to you all
    A. Jan xxxx

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