Posted by: lepages | June 4, 2010

Fab new tri bars!

Well, they’re fab because they’re the first I’ve ever had and the last two days are the first time I’ve ever tried using tri bars!

These are the ones I bought at a significant discount from an online cycle retailer!

Came home Wed pm to discover a delivery card through the door. Late pm popped down to the sorting office to collect. Surprised to find how light they were when I was handed my bubble wrapped package! Home, unpack, bike out from shed and go to work on fitting. Seemed to go on okay though had to take cycle computer off and ended up fixing temporarily on stem – not a good position – at a 90 degree angle, and only visible at all if looking down and back when on the bars. Lowered height of bars by reversing the spacers to top from bottom. Took it for a spin up the road – realise you really only can use them when you have clear road ahead! Was very cautious in tightening, not wishing to damage the carbon bars they were being attached to. Soon found they needed a bit more as they started to take on an even lower position!! Home, bit of a tighten then had to leave it for other responsibilities.

Yesterday we had a leadership retreat day at Moggerhanger Park

though we weren’t in the luxury of the main building, but out in the Garden Room, which is like the poor cousin really! But grounds around wonderful – and good food in the Tea rooms – especially the lemon meringue pie…. mouth waters at the memory!!

Moggerhanger is a few miles out of Bedford so good opportunity to cycle out and test the bars – out was into the breeze, back was flying with a following breeze – felt quite comfortable leaning down on the rests with hands forward on the bars, though a little nervous when any hazards in the road ahead!! Came up and down quite quickly, gradually learning how to control move from one to another without getting too wobbly!!

Good leadership day at Moggerhanger, great time with God, great weather, great woodland walk – definitely worth a visit on a sunny day if you live locally! (And worth stopping in the Tea Rooms for a slice of lemon meringue!!) He says again….. Yum, yum, yum…. I do love lemon meringue…. especially when its as lemony as that!! Sorry, back on track now….

After a great day, energy supplied by some lovely lemon meringue pie 🙂 I had a quick cycle home, change, unload bag, quick bite to eat and out for my first time trial with my new tri bars. Was sure by now that they would improve my speed – was surprised by how much I improved by! Sure it was mainly down to the bars too.

This was my second time on the Beds Road 10mile TT course First time round I went quite hard, but was a little disappointed with my time of 29:05. This time, it felt hard going out into the breeze, but I felt the better aerodynamic position was helping penetration through the breeze too – but add to that a really warm night with high pressure which makes for great riding conditions. After the turn though the breeze was behind and I was able to fly down Bunny Lane, taking the rough surface at speed – one frightening moment when a van decided to come the other way down the lane, trying to move from tribars to hoods to negotiate the control as we approached each other – hadn’t completed my move travelling at speed and bounced about in the gutter – thought I was going to come off and I’d go down in the verge, somehow managed to stay upright but managed to pull one of my feet out of the clips – foot back in and had to push hard to get going again – but soon back up to top of Hillfoot and soon flying down it in top gear – clocked 66kph going down the hill (41mph) – couldn’t bring myself to stay on the tribars so down on the drops, but as the hill levelled out at the bottom back onto the tribars and kept going in my top gear with the following breeze for about 50% of the flat back return of the course, as it got a bit harder dropped it back a gear or two, but kept pace driving forwards – very difficult to see cycle computer but think I stayed over 40kph all way home (so around 25mph). Knew I had beaten previous time – somewhere under 28mins I thought. Few minutes later in the Clubhouse my time came up as 27:46 – av. speed of 21.61mph (34.78kph) – pleased with that, and sure I can improve on it in future at some point.

Ride home, shower and change and out to our church cell group meeting, a very happy man, who is very pleased with his new tribars, and glad he’s got them before his first Olympic tri in just a few weeks time…..


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