Posted by: lepages | June 5, 2010

A brilliant holiday (part 2!)

Starting to seem a long time ago, but back to my diary notes and Thursday 20th May 2010!

What a great day! After a great extended time with God it was off for another run – swim – run. Decided to go a bit further this time. Ran from Dad & Mum’s home through lanes, and down through the woods, along Kings Mills, out to Albecq and along the coast to Cobo slipway – lovely run and surprised with time – 6.46k in 29:02 giving an av. speed of 13.5kph. Changed and into the water – good swim, spent around 20mins swimming between some yellow buoys to give me a bit of sighting practice – out, wetsuit off, and ran back home on same route, largely uphill – pleased to do it in 31:38 giving an av. speed of 12.25kph – there and back was 12.93k in 60:40 av. 12.8kph. Happy with that.

In the afternoon we went for a lovely walk with Dad & Mum and Mollie from Portelet to Lands End and back.

After our walk we stopped for drinks and ice creams at the beach cafe – refreshing!!

Late pm called in on some friends before heading back to Cobo, purchasing fish and chips and sitting in the sea wall enjoying them – lovely! Came down at this point because Guernsey Velo Club had their evening 10TT on and I’d picked up that one guy had a nice pair of hardly worn triathlon shoes to sell off cheap – they were lovely shoes, but sadly too tight. 😦 The array of bikes on show was amazing……. including a racing tandem!! We stopped at a bend at Albecq and took some pics of the competitors and of the beautiful scenery.

More pictures to come, but I’m ready to sleep now, so knocking off and will try and finish off tomorrow!

Well, finally got round to adding rest of pics from this day several days later!

Well, it had been a brilliant day thus far, but we weren’t ready to finish it yet, so went for a bit of a drive – ended up at Fort George, overlooking Castle Cornet and the harbour in town (as we Guerns call it – St. Peter Port to others! 😉 )


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