Posted by: lepages | June 9, 2010

A brilliant holiday (final part!)

Well, am realising I’ll never get everything from our holiday up here – brilliant times with friends and family, fantastic weather, plenty of time on the beach and swimming in the sea – with and without wetsuit – certainly by final couple of days with high tide late pm and the sun on the sand all day it was lovely swimming for 20 minutes plus in the sea unsuited.

Great times spent with God too – and a great blessing on Pentecost Sunday in going to Eldad Elim Church to hear Andres Bissoni give some excellent teaching on the person and ministry of the Holy Spirit, followed by seeing the Spirit move in significant ways in peoples lives. Well worth having a listen to what he shared.

Got in some good training too – as well as some more swimming and run-swim-runs also got a couple of longer runs in as well – one easy – 17.2k 1:39:33 Av speed 10.4kph – one hard 12.77k total – first 3k to Vazon largely downhill at just under 16kph, 7.5k to L’Eree tea rooms at av. 12.9kph – then a log struggle up the long L’Eree hill – baking hot, in desperate need of a drink (foolishly didn’t take anything with me when I had done previously) – all I could do to keep plodding on until the last kilometre or so from home. Total time having blown on last bit 1:04:29 giving an average of 11.9kph – reasonably pleasing given the long hard climb and poor judgement re heat and fluid needs.

One of the highlights of our time in Guernsey was leaving the island for the day, but not leaving the Baliwick. We got the Travel Trident over to Herm and had a fantastic day there – enjoy the photos that follow!


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