Posted by: lepages | July 11, 2010

Diary update!

Since I’ve been back from holiday, its been one of those mad periods – rushing from one thing to another – but its been good – even if in the last week I got to the desperation point where I just needed a break – thank God though, I’ve been able to have that a bit and get back on track – a day off on Monday – hadn’t had a full one for a couple of weeks – and stopping on Thursday afternoon to do ironing and watch Tour de France – what an exciting Tour this year – no clear lead – watching the ITV4 highlights at the end of the day has been a great way of unwinding before crashing into bed.

So what’s been happening? Exciting things on work and community front – last couple of posts have been sermon notes and there’s a couple more to come – both of which I have felt more engaged with than I have for some time – notes to follow in due course!

I’m a community governor at a local school that is now looking at pursuing Academy status under the Government’s new options for outstanding schools – that’s exciting!

MARA (the Midland Area Resident’s Association) that I chair is planning a Big Lunch Street Party for Sunday 25th July – we’re delighted to have permission to close a local street for the afternoon, and the warm reception from local residents towards the idea is a delight. Been lots of other things happening to in conjunction with the local council.

In the church, what a delight to see things moving forward as we look to the future, with new ideas coming forwards for building community with activities for different age groups, with new opportunities for making God known and sharing the fabulous news of the new life that Jesus wants to give to all who will come to him and receive it from him.

In the midst of the busyness my triathlon training hasn’t been as consistent as I’d have liked it to be, but I’ve really enjoyed entering a number of different events! I entered my first Olympic distance triathlon – the Dambuster at Rutland Watergreat venue for the race – smooth roads, albeit with challenging hills, scenic run course – fantastic – loved it, even if I didn’t do as well as hoped – had a rubbish bike – but went on to do the equivalent of a PB on the almost 10k run – without trying hard! How weirdly amazing and annoying is that!

A week later, I did a fantastic run for the first stage of a team relay on the Greensand Ridge run. The run was really hard going. Baking hot day, mostly uphill on my leg. Really struggled on a couple of really steep short inclines – resulting in desperately resorting to walking pace to get to the top – and then – on one of the few downhill bits, going through some woods on a narrow overgrown track I hit a root hard with my left foot – very painful when it happened, but seemed okay so just kept on running – really surprised to find I’d come in 8th (so in the top 25%) for that leg – evidently others found it hard going too! Our Traktors team came in 7th overall – including one of our members having got lost for 10mins…. so we could have done really well, thanks to the superb performance of some of the other team members. What a delightful event – running on varied terrain, in beautiful scenery – definitely worth doing again – and area definitely worth visiting just for an outing/walk/picnic.

A week later, my foot rather than feeling better was starting to feel worse – ended up going to docs and being told I’d got ligament damage – got to lay off the running for a couple of weeks and on some heavy antiinflammatories – am cautious in taking them as they do remove the pain… and no pain may mean a temptation to get on and do things I shouldn’t!

Meanwhile, I’ve been having a go at the Beds Road Evening League – been delighted to improve week on week – huge improvement with the tribars as I’ve posted before, but week after took another 30secs off my time, and delighted again this Thursday to take another 9secs off and gain an average speed of over 22mph for the first time 36.3kph according to my bike computer. Down to 27:08 for the 10mile TT.

Well, that’s a broad sweep diary update. The second round of our baby coackatiels have just started flighting in the last week – lots of lovely babies available if anyone’s interested!!

Helped set up for the Box End Tri last night and did registration this morning. Off now to Santaniellos to celebrate the day! Yum, yum! I’m hungry!


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